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bisnicks' Mini-bog container build

bisnicks' Mini-bog container build

So recently I decided I wanted to build my own mini-bog container garden. After scouring through forums, I finally decided on how I would be building it. My mini-bog isn't original at all, but a fusion between two of my favorite mini-bogs I have seen on this FlytrapCare.

BradR's Tub of Flytraps:

Naja002's Planter:

Picture of the result:


Video of the result:


(Disclaimer: Plants do not look the best due to an infestation of mealybugs I had a few months back. Luckily they all seem to be gone (thanks orthene), but they did do a number on some of my plants.)


Container for Bog Garden: [Whiskey Barrel at Home Depot]http://www.homedepot.com/p/Southern...sin-Planter-FGS-468573/202294014#.UcZFCuuE6d0
1/2" PVC pipe, 90º elbow, t-connector, trap adapter, valve
PVC glue
Silicon caulking
White spray paint (optional)
Gallon Jug with cap
Sphagnum peat moss (CP safe)
Silica Sand
Aquarium gravel (Soaked in CP safe water for a few days)

The Build:

  • First, I painted the container white to help deflect heat from the container.
  • Second, I drilled a hole (around 1/2" I believe) in the side of the container for where my water outlet/ water table leveler goes.
  • Third, I constructed the water outlet/ water table leveler http://i.imgur.com/zE8kdEj.jpg. It's just made out of some 1/2" PVC, elbows, valve, t-fitting, and a screw on end. All parts can be found easily at Home Depot. This will let me adjust how much water is in the barrel. If it's going to be hot, I can actually slip in longer PVC pipes into the top of the t-fitting and it raises the water level to whatever length the pipe is. For all the other pipes, you'll want to go ahead and glue them together. The valve allows me to also drain the bog. I like doing this when I water the bog garden so that the old water drains out and the new water eventually trickles to the bottom. Keeps things from getting to stagnant.
  • Fourth, I placed the water outlet/ water table leveler in the hole, tightened it, placed the elbow on the end and turned it so that it faced downward to prevent soil from clogging the pipes. I then added silicon caulking around the hole in the barrel to make it water tight.
  • Fifth, I added some rinsed gravel (soaked in reverse osmosis water) around the downward facing elbow to help act as a filter. I then started adding pool filter sand (silica sand) for the bottom layer of the bog. This will allow for good drainage when I need it.


  • Sixth, I placed an empty plastic gallon jug in the center on top of my sand layer. I drilled small holes in the jug and added some sand inside of it to keep it in place.


  • Seventh, I drilled out the cap of the plastic gallon jug and placed a 1/2" PVC pipe (with holes drilled through the sides) through the hole of the cap and screwed it in to my plastic gallon jug. This will allow me to directly raise the water table without disturbing the top layer. It also provides air to the roots of the plants.
  • Eighth, I added another layer or two of sand around the jug and then I mixed a peat/ silica sand/ pine needle mix and filled it up the rest of the way.









Very nice I really like the concept
This is quite cool. Are you or anyone that has built one able to answer a few questions?