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  1. Victoria


    3 of my sundews have been infested with a bunch of little white things that look kinda like tiny grains of rice....one person said they were probably mealybugs........talk about a bummer! So my question is how should I get rid of them???? It was suggested to me to try a product called Bayer...
  2. K

    Mealy bug control

    hey guys I just realized that I have mealybugs how do I get them out of my collection?
  3. moonflower

    Augh! mealy bugs!

    gaaaahhhh so i'm going over my vft's today making sure they're all happy and healthy... one of the traps on my dente had gotten a little black corner a day or so ago so as i went to snip it off i noticed that what i thought was a little fleck of dust inside the trap... kinda...had...legs...
  4. D


    Ok. I have a couple sars that have a rather small infestation of mealybug. I have tried to drown them, but they came back. I tried to get rid of the ones I can see, but I know I am missing a few. So I have basicly decided to go chemical on them. However, I have never used chemicals on my plants...
  5. E


    It looks like my Sarrs has become a victim of these pests. I see some fluffy white stuff on the pitchers, esp on the base of older, drying pitchers. I didn't think them to be mealbugs at first, since the white stuff didn't have a defined shape, as I would come to expect of a living pest. But it...
  6. Joseph Clemens

    Pest management

    Has anyone used Dursban 50% WP for mealybugs on Sarracenia.