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  1. Nanthawat

    Artificial lighting timing

    I was wondering if I can have the lights be on for several hours and off for one hour and come back on for several more hours, maybe repeating this for about 3 times before the lights go off for the night. Will this effect photosynthesis greatly? Mainly I want to cut cost of electricity bill.
  2. CorneliusSchrute

    Sphagnum Advice?

    I am relatively new to growing sphagnum moss and have several cultures going right now. I have been leaving several trays of it outside in the elements where it freezes solid for an extended time, keep a few in my unheated pop-tent greenhouse with my overwintering Sarracenia and Dionaea, and...
  3. Peatmoss

    Semesterly Horticultural Brag-Rag

    Hey Y'all! I'm back from college and my plants aren't even dead! :-O Anyways, these guys have been sitting under their lights in plastic tupperware bins with the bottom full of about a half inch of water for the past three months. No other care was given, only water and light. N. singalana x...
  4. Cindy

    What do you do with the rhizome?

    I've put the B52 plants to sleep and removed a couple of rhizomes without any leaves. I've potted them up and placed them under T5 lights. What would you do if you have rhizomes like the following? Would you stuff the whole thing into media and hope for new growth? Or would you peel the bulb...
  5. Cindy

    D. falconeri leaf pulling

    Well, well...the success rate a leaf pulling of D. falconeri strikes is 5-10%. And the success are that the new plantlet survives to adulthood is probably another 5-10%. :headwall: So here goes the first success and we'll see how it goes from here. In case anyone is interested, the leaf pulling...
  6. afrodisa

    LED lighting

    I have been experimenting (wife says messing) with LED lights for cp growing for a while now. I am currently trying 50 & 100 Watt cool white & warm white in combination with good results. The warm whites alone got better plant growth while the cool whites gave super color within days. Lately...
  7. UnstuckinTime

    A glimmer of hope for UnstuckinTime's plants

    If you love Nepenthes as much as I do... ....the following may be hard to see. So this summer was hot, and I lived in a place without AC. Needless to say, my highland Nepenthes were not happy with that. But then I moved, and also upgraded from a fishtank with lights set up to a...
  8. elgecko

    LED Lighting, may be getting my first lights

    Think I'm about to pull the trigger on 2 of these LED lights in the next few days. Have been using several lights from Current and have liked all the ones I've ever tried. First lights from Current I still use are Sunpaq lights. Second lights I use from Current are Nova T5 light. So I think...
  9. D

    Mold question ~ Cause solved, Elimination of mold itself sought!

    Hello! Fairly new to the forums, asking all sorts of questions all over the place for my new 3 plants, but I really want to get everything right and not have a graveyard on my hands! I just finished setting up a new terrarium, got brand new lights, and figured out how to keep the darn thing at...
  10. S

    Nepenthes Grow Chamber and Lighting Advice

    I'm looking to set up fairly basic, low tech grow chamber for Nepenthes in my apartment. I have some highland neps growing in a greenhouse where I work, but low day temps and a short photoperiod is making their growth come to a screeching halt. I had originally planned to get a terrarium, but I...
  11. D

    Which is Better, T8 or T5?

    Hello experts! I am just planning my grow room for the future nepenthes that I have always wanted and have a question on the lights that I need. I went to Home Depot today and found the following fluorescent lights: the first was a 6 bulb T8 at 32 watts each. The second was a 4 bulb T5 at 54...
  12. D

    electricity in an indoor greenhouse

    Hi guys! I'm setting up an indoor greenhouse and was wondering how the grow lights will fare with the high humidity atmosphere inside the greenhouse. I am concerned about the electrical dangers as well as regular corrosion on the metal parts of the lights. Also, we don't keep that part of the...
  13. U

    Unintentional, late-season overfeeding of S. leucophylla

    Hey, I recently scored a nice white-top at a plant sale. I was a little wary of buying a plant like this late-season, right before dormancy, but I went ahead and got it since I knew it came from a good source and I don't know that I'll find any of these locally outside this one bi-annual plant...
  14. R

    Its time to build a Cephalotus grow space, would love input!

    I think its finally time for me to build a grow area specifically for my Cephalotus collection. So hopefully a few others have done this before and can stear me away from problems. My goal is to provide the best possible conditions for growing Cephalotus indoors under lights within my budget...
  15. NatchGreyes

    Aquatic Utric for Water Tray?

    Hey everyone: I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an aquatic utric that would grow in a standard 2-3 inch water tray that I keep full (mostly) to water some of my other CPs. It'd get light from T5 grow lights and I'd be sure to introduce daphnia. Suggestions? Thanks, -N
  16. NatchGreyes

    Lighting 2 or 4 T5 Winter/Summer

    Hey everyone: I read through the lighting guide and Googled it, but it's been a few years since most of those have been updated so I thought it would be okay to ask for advice. I recently bought several 4 tube T5 light fixtures which have the option of have two or four lights on. (For...