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Which is Better, T8 or T5?

Hello experts! I am just planning my grow room for the future nepenthes that I have always wanted and have a question on the lights that I need. I went to Home Depot today and found the following fluorescent lights: the first was a 6 bulb T8 at 32 watts each. The second was a 4 bulb T5 at 54 watts each. They are both four foot light fixtures. Which would be better for the nepenthes? I plan on this being a highland growing room. The T8 fixture was bright but the T5 was so bright that I couldn't look straight at it. Would that be too bright for the plants? I plan on hanging it about 18" above the plants, does that sound about right? Thanx in advance!,

i like them both , i have a set up with two t 8 and two t 5 the mix seems not quits as intense as a four bulb t 5 system and my plants seem to do just as well maybe not quits as red in some neps but that can be a good thing, if they all go red there isnt much contrast from plant to plant , can be a little stale if every thing is colored the same deep red.
on the other hand you can get pitchers to color to the max with a mix of t 5 bloom spec and grow spec.
I use both the t5 four tube fixture 54 watts each, 6500K daylight, 24" above my cuttings, and I also use 4 Photography grade CFLs which measure about 12" long X 8" around, in clip on lamp fixtures. They are 105 watts each, 6500K daylight,
24" above my plants. All together they can put out some heat, so supplimental heating is not needed while the lights are on.
Generally T5s have better efficiency over T8s. Also with T5s you get electronic starter systems more easily (and that also adds up to the efficiency).
The only advantage to T8s are price and temperature, really. T5s are brighter and more efficient, but much hotter. I'd only use T8s if I wanted to keep a space cool.