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LED lighting

I have been experimenting (wife says messing) with LED lights for cp growing for a while now. I am currently trying 50 & 100 Watt cool white & warm white in combination with good results. The warm whites alone got better plant growth while the cool whites gave super color within days.

Lately on fleabay red & blue combination LED "grow lights" have been showing up. I'm gonna try a couple of the 20-40 watt units but Will be staying away from this 360 watt unit - opening bid of $0.99 with a shipping cost of $150.00 tells me it's worth about, oh say probably $151.00.

If you have any photos of your setup and results please share them, there is very little detailed information about LED and there results.

I've only been using them about a month and am loving the results so far. I'm running 14 LEDs per driver powered about 55% if I was to run the driver at 100% it would be around 60-65W lighting a 24" X 12" area and would likely melt my heatsink or start a fire. (I'm kidding but the myth that LEDs don't generate heat is a simple lie, I could probably cook an egg on the heatsink if I turned it all the way up and I'm not kidding)

I would be concerned that a 360W unit would either be inefficient (for LEDs) or overkill. An interesting anomaly occurs when you do the math for this fixture...working current .75-1.5A, output voltage 32-45V...simple wattage formula Watts=amp X volts gives you a range of 24W-67.5W in its current setup. So while you have 120 LEDs that CAN run at 3W each they will not in this setup, so no 360Ws! Interesting huh?

As for the $150 shipping and $.99 opening bid a lot of the mass retailers of china made items do this, if you looked around a bit I would think you could find a buy-it-now with the actual price they want to sell them at and the normal shipping cost. This high shipping/low opening bid tactic actually works for sellers.

Glad to see more posts about LEDs in the last few weeks :-D.
Agreed with RSS, would like to see more discussion of LED lighting.