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  1. S

    Nepenthes sanguinea

    hey guys, Im about to chop down a some 5ft tall N.sanguinea vine.  It looks like Ill have about 8 cuttings available for trade.  If your interested post what you have for trade!  I am interested in anything not on this growlist. GROWLIST Cephalotus Dionaea all red giant dente typical...
  2. W

    Looking for a trade.

    I am running out of CP seeds. And I would like to try some more. Any kinds are okay. But I am looking mostly Droseras, Dionaeas and Sarracenias. Here are some of my extra non cp seeds for trade. Let me know if you're interested. 1.Rehmannia angulata 2.Magnolia grandiflora 3.Colorful Daisy...
  3. B

    Pinguicula grandiflora

    hey guys, today I spend 2 backbreaking hours of collecting some Pinguicula grandiflora seedlings, . I have about 10 Lots of 5(+) winterbuds,these are 1 year babys seedlings.if anybody want some small winterbuds (for 2-3 International reply coupon),PM's me regards Bjørn in Norway
  4. kayaker78

    Looking for pings and utrics

    My Grow List (the short version - most genus left out) Pinguicula- cyclosecta 1714 ABG 97-1714 YuccaDo 60-45-031395A (cyclosecta ?) 1715 ABG97-1715 YuccaDo 60-45-031395B (grandiflora ?) 1718 ABG97-1718 YuccaDo ehlersiae esseriana moranensis moranensis var. mexicana moranensis x ehlersiae x...
  5. V

    I want a bog that can get real cold  :p

    Ok, so I definately want a bog that can get pretty cold and maybe even just stay where it's put over the winter.  Thanks to everyone's help I have a list of plants that will hopefully work out.   So, does anyone have any cuttings/divisions/seeds to trade of: Drosera filiformis spp. filiformis...
  6. S

    Pinguicula Pics

    hey,   here are some pics of my pings. I dont know what happend to my other pic.  but it was of all my pings. enjoy first a P. 'Aphrodite' second a P. grandiflora third a P. grandiflora flower fourth is a P. medusina fifth is a P. laueana a P. jaumavensis flower Please post...
  7. E

    Temperate pinguicula

    I have the chance to be able to admire at home some flowers of temperate Pinguicula. I would really like to share with you this colours show. I just can say that the photo of temperate flowers shown in the CP database can't reveal how really wonderfull the flowers are in reality... I have today...
  8. T

    Help please

    A few days ago, I sprinkled several gemmae of P. grandiflora, plodinii, rosea,balcanaea, vallisii and fiorii on pure peat. You folks have me all worried now, as I see this isn't the right media. Could anyone who is successfully growing any of these plants please give me a simple soil mix that...
  9. T

    Pinguicula grandiflora ssp. grandiflora

    I had to hike some 2 miles out of the woods with some mighty chunks of tuffa rock.  As it turns out, I only needed a fraction of what I brought out. The plant in the photo was a hibernacula in the fridge 3 weeks ago.  The growth rate is amazing in this species, and the flowering seems prolific...
  10. B

    pinguicula grandiflora

    I received a ping grandiflora, and there were about five thin leaves, and there seems to already be a hibernacula formed in the center. What months do you people usually put your grandifloras through dormancy? I read a website that grandiflora's are Irish and temperate so should be put through...
  11. swords

    Any Aristolochia fans out there?

    I was really impressed by the Aristolochia grandiflora that a local orchid shop has growing through it's rafters entertwining with thier nepenthes and other tropical vines so I got myself a few plants from their supplier (theirs was just a freebie that came with some plants and they let it go...