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My Grow List (the short version - most genus left out)


cyclosecta 1714 ABG 97-1714 YuccaDo 60-45-031395A
(cyclosecta ?) 1715 ABG97-1715 YuccaDo 60-45-031395B
(grandiflora ?) 1718 ABG97-1718 YuccaDo
moranensis var. mexicana
moranensis x ehlersiae x agnata #1
x 'John Rizzi'
x Kewensis
x sethos


arenaria *
bisquamata *
dichotoma *
calycifida **
dichotoma "Turoa NZ" **
flaccida *
graminifolia *
lateriflora **
livida *
livida "South African form" *
longifolia *
monanthos *
praelonga *
prehensilis *
pubescens *
reniformis **
sandersonii *
sandersonii "blue flower" *
subulata *
tricolor *
tridentata *
uliginosa **

* = have to trade
** = new plant, not yet ready to trade
Here is the list of species that I am currently tryint to acquire, this is not a complete list:

U. welwitschii
U. novae-zealandia
U. pusilla
U. nana
U. bifida
U. minutissima
u. blanchetii
u. uniflora
u. warburgii

any Genlesea
any mexican Pings I dont have
Some of those are in the mail.

Let me know if you find U. nana. I had it but killed it in an unfortunate pesticide accident.