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  1. M

    what to feed drosera with?

    so in particular, drosera regia, but i would also like to try feeding drosophyllum and others too... at the moment, i have some random fish food balls... i hear people recommending betta fish food... is there something particularly special about betta or can i crush up any fish food and feed it...
  2. A

    Drosophyllum with company in sandy pine forest soil

    Last winter I got quite a lot Drosophyllum seeds and put them in my special pots. In early spring the started to germinate. The first eleven I planted in a pot with soil from a very poor sandy pine forest. Lots of roots included from Vaccinium vitis-idaea for possible mycorrhiza partners. From...
  3. DJ57

    Frosty Drosophyllum

    For those wondering if Drosophyllum can survive light frosts, here ya go: Low overnight temperature was 28 degrees. [/url]Frosty Drosophyllum by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_5090x1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] And about an hour after above shots were taken and temps had warmed into the...
  4. J.Gennaro

    Ancient Seed Project Part 2 Drosophyllum

    In addition to my Ancient Drosera Seed Project, I also acquired ~70 Drosophyllum seeds, dated 1996! Several people have told me that they have actually had higher germination rates with older Drosophyllum seed over freshly harvested seed. I guess we will just have to wait and see... That being...
  5. DJ57

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum seed for sale - No Longer Available

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum seed for sale Fresh Drosophyllum lusitanicum seed collected from my plants in 2015. Price is for one packet of 12 seeds. Seed will be shipped in a padded envelope. If ordering more than one packet, I will combine in one envelope so shipping cost will be the same as...
  6. D

    DoctorDoom's growlist:

    DoctorDoom’s grow list: D. Binata (cloning in progress) x 30 -source: Cooks Carnivorous plants, Meadow View Biological Research Station, Jared (carnivorous plants sales and auctions, FB) D. Capillaris (cloning in progress) -source: Cooks Carnivorous plants D. Spatulata x 7 -source: Cooks...
  7. rakovsky

    Are there pots with clear, removable lids to grow plants in?

    I would like to have a pot with a sealed bottom to grow my sundews in. It would be great for two reasons: First, with a sealed bottom, it is cleaner, and with no tray of water separating the pot from the floor, insects can crawl into the pot. I don't have a problem regularly keeping pots well...
  8. M

    How sandy/rocky should my drosophyllum media be

    Right now i have some seedlings that are very small, germination started a few days ago, only i planted them in a very peaty mix and now i think that was a mistake i want to seperate them out into a more rocky/sandy mix while they are still young to minimize the transplant shock here's the mix...
  9. R

    LF: Southern D. rotundifolia seeds or plants

    I am looking to obtain some seeds (or plants if seeds are unavailable) of Drosera rotundifolia from the Southern states to grow outdoors here in zone 7. Below are seeds that I can offer in return: Drosera: intermedia "Carolina Giant" (Harvested 9-1-2015) tokaiensis indica Green filiformis...
  10. DragonsEye

    Drosophyllum seedling update

    Well currently have 6 seedligns. One died though unsure why as its companion seedling in the same pot is doing fine. Its little arms shriveled up and the rest of that plant soon followed. As if by way of compensation, not too long afterwards, a new seedling in another pot germinated. Four of...
  11. DJ57

    Volunteer Drosophyllum sprout in the bog

    I was watering the bog today and look what I found. If I am not mistaken, this is a Drosophyllum sprout! I swear this is not a purposeful sowing, must have been a seed that stuck to my hand when I was collecting droso seed a while back from a droso pot that is located close to the bog. The big...
  12. J

    Growing Drosera Regia from seed!

    Hello all! I haven't been very active on this forum, so this will be my first official contribution! So yesterday I recieved 10 Drosera Regia seeds from Petar Kostov. To those of you who do not know of Petar, he's a skilled grower from Bulgaria who specializes in Regia and Drosophyllum (in...
  13. DragonsEye

    Drosophyllum seedlings ... Houston, we have lift off

    Well, roughly two weeks after planting some of the seeds one of the Jays sent as a giveaway, I have a three lil sprouts! :banana2: Now to see if I can keep them alive .......... Here's a couple pics. Sorry for the quality. Took the photos through a magnifying glass. :blush:
  14. jlechtm

    THIRD Chance (and more) Drosophyllum seed giveaway!!!

    I have four more envelopes with approximately ten Drosophyllum seeds each, ready to be sent out to four more lucky winners. If you didn't win the first Jay giveaway or my second one, please feel free to try again. And if there's anyone else who's looking for fresh Dewy Pine seed to play with...
  15. jlechtm

    Second Chance Drosophyllum Seed Sweepstakes!

    I have another four packets of 10 or so seeds each -- sisters/brothers (let's just call them Caitlyns) of those that Jay Austin just gave away. I'm going to draw four names from those who didn't win the first giveaway. When I announce the winners (Monday evening, Eastern Time US), please send...
  16. T

    Drosophyllum watering advice

    I got a Drosophyllum at the BACPS show on Saturday, and I would like some advice on how often to water it. It is in the same two-foot terracotta pot as my old one which died. The pot is about two feet tall as well. The medium is equal parts of perlite, sand, peat, and vermiculite although...
  17. J

    Drosophyllum seed giveaway

    The botanical garden that I work for was the recipient of a very generous donation last fall. We received a flowering Drosophyllum last fall, and I have recently collected the seed. I have four packets of 10 seeds each to give away in order to pass on some of that generosity. I will...
  18. nimbulan

    My first Drosophyllum

    I've been wanting one of these for a while now, Hopefully I can keep it alive. I mixed up soil according to the instructions in The Savage Garden of one part each peat, sand, perlite, pumice, and lava rock and topped the pot with more lava rock. Any advice would be appreciated!
  19. jlechtm

    Mature Drosophyllum - LOCAL PICK UP ONLY (ej33 $50)

    Opening Bid: $25 This is not an auction for everyone. It is, however, perfect for the East Coast US CP grower who (a) has a greenhouse and (b) lives within a reasonable (leaving the definition of "reasonable" up to you) driving distance of the Washington DC metro area and (c) wants a mature...
  20. C

    My Drosophyllum lusitanicum 

    My small Drosophyllum lusitanicum already start flowering........shall I cut the flower...?