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  1. DJ57

    DJ57's Grow List

    Grow List as of 2017 – All growing outside year-round in the bog and in pots unless otherwise specified Sarracenia S. minor var okefenokeensis S. minor typical S. ‘Hummer’s Okee Classic’ - Thank you Warren S. "Red Minor" [S. minor x (purpurea x psittacina)] S. 'Saxapahaw' - Thank you Phil...
  2. J

    Drosophyllum on a windowsill?

    I realize D'Amato wrote that this was nearly impossible to do successfully in his book, but has anyone had positive results from growing Drosophyllum on a windowsill in zone 6 or 7?
  3. Midnight Sun

    LF Drosophyllum seeds/plants and Byblis seeds

    Hi, I'm look to trade for Drosophyllum seeds/plant and Byblis seeds. Have plenty to trade. Thanks.
  4. Zachf92

    Zachf92's Grow List

    Sarracenia flava var. maxima flava var. ornata flava var. rubricorpora alata 'Heavy Veins' alabamensis wherryi minor minor var. okefenokeensis 'Ware Co. Clone C' rubra rubra gulfensis 'Anthocyanin-Free' purpurea venosa purpurea venosa var. montana leucophylla 'AJ01' leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek...
  5. David F

    Drosophyllum germination journals:

    <a href="http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/DavidFlocken/media/Drosophyllum%20adventures/DSC_1024_zps3a7a9e9a.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o712/DavidFlocken/Drosophyllum%20adventures/DSC_1024_zps3a7a9e9a.jpg" border="0" alt="Drosophyllum medium+...
  6. DJ57

    Fresh Drosophyllum seed giveaway

    Fresh Drosophyllum seed collected from my plants this year for those interested in trying their hand at these. I have two packets with 8 seed per packet. Shipping is on me. 1. USA only please. 2. You must be a green member. 3. You must be an active member of TF. If the majority of your posts...
  7. U

    Utricularia's Growlist

    I have been asked for my growlist many times and I am really bad about keeping one so here goes (As of this posting this list is incomplete and only includes my Aldrovanda, Genliseas and Utricularias). My Interests in the Carnivorous plant world Primary Interests - Utricularias - Genliseas -...
  8. ps3isawesome

    Ps3isawesome growlist

    Ps3isawesome growlist (Updated 3/11/2016) This all began on July 3rd 2014 Dionaea King Henry Red Sawtooth B52 Towering Giant G14 Rosetted "Dirk Ventham's Giant" Big Mouth Akai Ryu (Thanks to Dionae) Unknown (From Lowes) Sarracenia Leucophylla x Tarnok Adrian Slack Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle...
  9. O

    Seeds: Drosophyllum, Drosera Linearis & Anglica, Sarr Purpurea available for swapping

    Seeds: Drosophyllum, Drosera Linearis & Anglica, Sarr Purpurea available for swapping Hi all, I just collected Drosophyllum (originally: Southern Andalucia) and Sarracenia seeds. Also still have some Dr. Linearis and Anglica seeds available from last fall. Ideally, I am interested in highland...
  10. T

    Drosophyllum and peat pots

    A few weeks ago, my Drosophyllum died when its pot was tipped over by a vandal. In the course of trying to repot it, I saw that the peat pot that it came in had not broken down even thought the plant had already been in a larger pot for six months, and that the soil inside the peat pot was very...
  11. jlechtm

    When to let my Droso babies dry out for the summer?

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered before. I did search the forum first. I promise :-). I successfully germinated Drosophyllum lusitanicum early this year (thanks again, Mike W. for the seeds), and the plants have transitioned nicely from their seedling peat pots to large clay pots...
  12. Bio

    Bio's Grow List

    CPs Nepenthaceae Nepenthes N. ampullaria N. Black Knight N. clipeata N. fusca "Flared Peristome" N. x 'Gentle' N. glabrata x aristolochioides N. hamata N. inermis N. 'Miranda' N. sanguinea N. sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x aristolochioides) N. ventricosa x ( xtiveyi x truncata) A bunch of...
  13. DJ57

    Fresh Drosophyllum seed giveaway

    My bushy old mother Drosophyllum decided it was time to flower in January/February and produce its last crop of seed. Sadly, the drosos in this pot have reached the end of their life cycle after 4 great years, but have given me many progeny to fill the void. I have two packets for giveaway...
  14. theplantman

    My Greenhouse Went Airborne Yesterday

    So. 60+mph gusts all day and night yesterday. Almost tornado force. I live on a hill with no tree cover. I'm at work--came home to find my greenhouse up in the air almost vertical. Greenhouse door wrenched open and turned it into a giant polycarb tumbleweed. Lifted off in one piece--with the...
  15. theplantman

    theplantman's Photo Thread

    My "sunken bed" under construction. I am going to begin collecting and breeding Sarracenia on a massive level. I'll also be producing some seeds for the ICPS from this. So much empty space... Baby Drosophyllum D. x nagamoto Cleistocactus baumannii Pilosocereus azureus D. burmannii...
  16. theplantman

    Gibberelic Acid Advice

    Hi guys! I recently got ahold of some lab-grade GA3 powder. It says it's 90%. I'd like to know how best to mix it up, and what to dissolve it in (water? alcohol?). I've read the "best" concentrations to shoot for are 500-1000ppm. Is this true? I'm going to try and use it on very old D. omissa...
  17. S

    Seige Grow List

    Venus Flytraps Alien(FTS) D. muscipula “G 35” A2 B52 Big Mouth Bohemian Garnet Bristletooth young. BZ Razorback (ironjaws) DCXL Dutch Delight (FTR) Fine Tooth x Red (9)Flaming lips(FTS) FTS Maroon Monster (FTR) possible dying FTS Purple Ambush(FTS) G16 Green Dragon Ginormous Jaws(FTR)...
  18. M

    How to repot your Drosophyllum Lusitanicum (video)

    Hi friends. In this video you can see how to repot one Drosophyllum without damaging the roots. It's in Spanish but you understand the images. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgcIbWDomnk greetings from spanish association
  19. T

    Transplanting Drosophyllum

    I purchased a Drosophyllum in a peat pot a few weeks ago and I plan to transplant it into a two feet diameter terra-cotta pot in the next few days. I just have a few questions before I put the plant into its permanent home. The previous inhabitant of the pot was a cactus (Hylocereus to be...
  20. theplantman

    Going all-out to germinate some Drosophyllum

    Hi guys! I just received some seeds from John Brittnacher over at the ICPS, one of which is a packet of Drosophyllum. I have literally spent almost 10 solid hours over the weekend reading every last scrap of forum conversation about its germination, the ICPS grow guides, and every word written...