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I am looking to obtain some seeds (or plants if seeds are unavailable) of Drosera rotundifolia from the Southern states to grow outdoors here in zone 7. Below are seeds that I can offer in return:

  • intermedia "Carolina Giant" (Harvested 9-1-2015)
  • tokaiensis
  • indica Green
  • filiformis
  • sessilifolia
  • sp. South Africa (Pretty Rosette)
  • intermedia Cuba
  • burmannii

Drosophyllum (a few seeds)

Darlingtonia californica seeds (hundreds)

  • flava rugelii
  • flava red mix (open pollinated - collected from a privately owned field where the plants were all either red veined (ornata), solid red tubes (atro), and copper-colored tubes(cuprea))
  • alata
  • leucophylla (Seminole, AL)
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Long time no talk man! I have some rotundifolia coming from overseas relatively soon. My current seed stock is basically: filiformis trayci, venusta, nidiformis, affinis, madagascariensis, regular capensis, white capensis, and capillaris x intermedia. Not all of those are necessarily temperate, but should be able to handle our summers.

I also have the new Trilobite VFT cultivar. They look freaking wicked. I have those and B52's acclimated out of TC but are still pretty small. I also have some standard seed, possibly mixed with G14 & Ginormous. My labeling got mixed up but all seeds for sure have at least one standard parent.

You need to come see the lab sometime soon. I am in the process of converting the building into a clean room. Found a hell of a deal on 6 HEPA filter/fan ceiling modules and went a little overboard haha. Still it is turning out to look pretty awesome.
Oh and you can just have any of those seeds or vfts. I got plently to spare.