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  1. doku

    Manny's grow list.

    Have been growing for several years here in Southern California, zone 9. (* = extra plants or can take division/cutting) Would prefer to trade for plants on my want list. Dionaea Muscipula *Typical Dutch Spider ‘Justina Davis’ A2 *B52 G14 Southwest giant Dingley giant *Low giant Czech...
  2. caesium

    caesium's growlist

    This is what I can remember Nepenthes: -boschiana BE seed -burbidgeae Pig Hill TC BE -burbidgeae x edwardsiana Malesiana -"burkei" from seed BE female -densiflora x truncata 'King of Clubs' seed BE -x Dyeriana -flava Wistuba -insignis Berkeley -x Intermedia (rafflesiana x hirsuta) Berkeley...
  3. CN

    lil' Update

    9" Khasiana Upper Spec x Aristo N. Gothica Flower (Male) Newest N. Vent- red x Lowii x Vent Pitcher N. St. Galla N. Spathulata N. Burbidgeae N. Mikeii N. Ventricosa-squat x (Talangensis x Carruculata) A Leaf cutting (rooting hormone treated ) Nep experiment...
  4. amphirion

    stuff that i really really like.

    amphirion's growlist (10.08.2010) no longer maintained. Family: Byblidaceae ==Genus: Byblis =======Species: Byblis liniflora (25.06.2011) CC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family...
  5. M

    Mikey3288's Growlist

    Soooper out of date as of 6/2/14. Cephalotus Typical "Vigorous clumping" "Phil Mann" "German Giant" Darlingtonia californica : Coastal Variety Dionaea "Big Mouth" "Bristle Tooth" "Clayton's Red Sunset" "Cross Teeth" "Dente" "Low Giant" "Fine Tooth x Red" "FTS Crimson Sawtooth" Drosera...
  6. SirKristoff

    Pitcher of the Month contest October 09 winners/comments

    I got only a few messages for voting, but the majority vote placed the winners in this order. 1st Place - Jeremiah Harris N. 'Mastersiana' Jeremiah, the photos are taken amazingly well, if i may ask, what camera do you use? i absolutely love the color of this plant, and how it is just resting...
  7. CN

    N. Ventricosa-(Red) x Lowii x Ventricosa Un rooted cutting's

    N. Ventricosa-(Red) x Lowii x Ventricosa Un rooted cutting's... This Is to Inform some of you that I will be taking some cutting's from one of my N. Ventricosa-(Red) x Lowii x Ventricosa This weekend an will Have a few up for trade. So if You Have any interest feel free to PM me with your...
  8. rattler

    updated and new pics

    macrophylla to the left, 'Predator' to the right merrilliana burbidgeae flava seed grown raff TC raff izumae x trusmadiensis 'Black Dragon' anorexic pitcher.....its nearly 9 inches tall and my wifes vanda hybrid that lives with my neps
  9. Tamer

    Brand new to Nepenthes. Have several questions concerning cultivation.

    Hello all, I stumbled across a book in Barns and Noble called "The Savage Garden". After reading it through, I decided I simply must get me some. I look on the internet and did a bit of searching around. I really liked all of the information and professionalism on *a certain website*, so I...
  10. SirKristoff

    Northwest Fall Nep photos

    I thought i would join in and post a few photos of my neps in their new winter home. First off is an N. spectabilis x aristolochioides, such a great hybrid, vigorous and gorgeous to boot! A freshly opened N. tentaculata gunung Murud pitcher My N. glabrata finally recovered and has many growth...
  11. Crissytal

    A few pitchers - dial up warning

    I haven't posted in this section in awhile. A few Nepenthes: N. ventricosa x aristolochioides N. talang x veitchii N. talang - after a year I get two bigger leaves N. spectabilis N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae) N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae) basal N. burbidgeae N. muluensis...
  12. Jeremiah Harris

    N. rajah First Intermediate Pitcher

    Hey guys it has been a while since I have had a chance to participate here but I thought I would stop by and say Hi to some old Friend and post a few photos. Here are some shots I took today of my N. rajah first intermediate pitcher. Here is a quick shot of a intermediate N...
  13. M

    Mannannan's Grow list.

    Hi from Sweden! Heres a little list of what i currently grow.. I'll try to keep it up to date :) VFT: Typical Cup trap Bohemian garnet All green Red burgundy Sawtooth Dews: D. roseana D. ericksonae x pulchella D. paleacea 'wanneo WA' D. nitidula Nepenthes species: N. argentii N. bicalcarata...
  14. DrWurm

    Hybrids You're Looking Forward To

    So one of the things I often daydream about is what hybrids I would make between nepenthes if I could. I'm probably not the only one here who does that. In fact, I know I'm not. There was a similar thread not too long ago. But not many people gave a lot of explanation for their crosses. So in...
  15. dsrtfox1942

    dsrtfox1942's current grow list

    (1) Cephalotus follicularis (2) Cephalotus follicularis 'Hummer's Giant' (1) Dionea muscipula 'typical' (1) Dionea muscipula 'red dragon' (3) Drosera capensis (?) Drosera filiformis, Maine (1) Drosera hamiltonii (2) Drosera intermedia 'temperate', Orange county Virginia (3) Drosera...
  16. dashman

    dashman's growlist

    * updated 11/17/2012 * Warning: I am not the best at following scientific nomenclature/annotation. If this is of an annoyance to you, please do not read on... :) I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to the below growlist. Whether it be through generous...
  17. nepenthesmatt

    Some pictures of the greenhouse plants!

    Here are some pics of my greenhouse it is coming along very well with things pitchering all over the place and even a few nepenthes flowers! The pics nepenthes x mixta, this plant is a nice lowland plant but sadly it is way too big for my lowland tanks. nepenthes inermis x ventricosa...
  18. SirKristoff

    N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana

    Who else is growing one? Got mine not too long ago and it took off without a hitch.
  19. rattler

    same old plants, new pics

    macrophylla seed grown ventricosa flava burbidgeae, leaves aint getting any bigger but the pitchers sure are....
  20. SirKristoff

    Some new ones.

    Well over the past couple of weeks ive been receiving some more plants...again LOL Here are a few photos of some of the stuff taken over the last couple of weeks....ive kinda slacked off on posts, gets kinda old, ya know lol. N. ampullaria 'green' N. bicalcarata 'red' hehe its got teeth :D...