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same old plants, new pics


seed grown ventricosa


burbidgeae, leaves aint getting any bigger but the pitchers sure are....
Great as usual, rattler. Gotta love that flava.
Nice, those plants are going to grow up into real nice plants.
Erm... they're nice plants now! Love the vent., flava is sooo elegant and I can't imagine the anticipation for the mac. I'm nervous about my burbidgea, any pointers, or at least your grow conditions?
it doesnt seem picky.....ive had some neps sit and pout when i get them due to the change in conditions.....this one didnt miss a beat....temps are around 80 during the day...65 at night.......high humidity at the moment cause its still in a tank......must be around 85%.......
Great looking plants there I like that N.macrophylla and N.flava.
Nice, some of those don't look too "old". Nice looking ventricosa. That burbidgeae looks a little elongated to me, or maybe mine are just squat.
other than the vent which ive had a few years the other three i received last fall, just titled the thread that way cause i didnt have any new plants to show off other than a lil hamata with no pitchers and pics of these plants have been posted before.......not sure what to tell yah on the burb....the leaves are compact and red so im guessing its getting plenty of light....its also a young plant yet and pitcher shape could very well change.....