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N. rajah First Intermediate Pitcher

Hey guys it has been a while since I have had a chance to participate here but I thought I would stop by and say Hi to some old Friend and post a few photos.

Here are some shots I took today of my N. rajah first intermediate pitcher.






Here is a quick shot of a intermediate N. burbidgeae pitcher


Congratulations Jeremiah, she is gorgeous
by any chance, what did you cross her with when she flowered last time
Stunning Jeremiah, absolutley stunning!
Yeah I crossed it with about 10 things but the only thing I have had germinate is a Nepenthes peltata cross.

Photo from Wikipedia
spectacular as always Jeremiah!! Haven't seen u in a while man. How have ya been?
Hey Varun how have you been?

Well here is a photo of what has been eating up all my free time this past year, just about done though.



Oh so close to being filled with highland Nepenthes.

Woah, nice greenhouse!
busy man!! really busy with school stuff!! But well..... I guess life just goes on ! :p

lol dude!!! You planning on opening up a new business?? THat is crazy for a hobbyist level. Must have cost ya a fortune. But wow.....considering that you had soo many of those "vines". Now there is finally a place to fit them all. ;) Do give us a walk-in tour (with the camera ofcourse ;) ) when you get an opportunity. :)
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Yeah it was a ton of work, more trouble with the city (permits and such) then anything. I can't wait to start trading and propagating again, I had to stop about 1 1/2 ago as I had filled up my two smaller greenhouses.

Since that photo was taken I have finished up all the electrical, so I added two large swamp coolers and a huge fan for cooling. I just need water and natural gas and I will be good to go.

See you later,
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I can understand. A project of this scope has to be carefully orchestrated with planning, permissions, timing and construction. Glad to see it done! Those swamp coolers can help you probably rival Jeff's beautiful villosa. Hows that puppy doing??

Are you making climatic zones in there? L/T/H/UH ?

Good to hear that you have gotten back in the scene man! I think it was over an year ago since you last updated your pics. I am aching to see the giants in your new greenhouse. :)
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beautiful! i cant wait to see all your stunning plants! :)
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I don't show my face for a couple of days and something amazing is posted? :lol:

Amazing N. rajah. :)
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Hey Jeremiah! Welcome back!

As always, your plants are an inspiration!