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  1. G

    gkjr Growlist

    Dionaea Muscipula: Akai Ryu Typical Sarracenia: S. Minor Drosera: D. Spatulata ( Fraser Island) D. Adelae Nepenthes: Nepenthes ampullaria 'Brunei red' x (spectabilis 'Giant' x ventricosa) Nepenthes Alata (cutting 12/19/16) sown seeds D. Capensis (Alba) 10/22/16 D. Burmannii (Green)...
  2. fredg

    Leaf cutting

    This was a very simple one to sort out. The leaves on the Daphne were having chunks cut out of them. I was working just outside the Darlingtonia house and these pieces of cut leaves, accompanied by a Leaf-cutter Bee, kept landing on my shoulder. She was then flying to the Bee Hotel and...
  3. M

    Humidity box?

    Sup all, i want to build a small box type construction to put outside, and increase humidity within it my problem is, last time i tried this, i ended up frying everything inside of the box, and it seems to me, the only way to counter that would be to ventilate it really well.. which would also...
  4. T

    6 year old 4 foot tall Ventrata. Looking for advice

    I have had a Nepenthese Ventrata for 6 years now. For several years it struggles and didn't grow much. It started vining a few year ago, and a year ago I trimmed off some tiny sucker vines and some dying yellowed ones, and it took off. It has 3 vines, the tallest is 4 feet. I have it propped up...
  5. TongueFlicker

    Final leg of my Asian tour :D

    As promised, part 3 of my escapade. Enjoy! :D View from my room A small sea cave @_@ No idea why there's a freaking hole beside the beach. Made by human-sized moles, maybe? Lol Some wild ferns growing on a cave wall What a nice chunk of driftwood. Perfect for my reptiles. Now, how...
  6. NemJones

    A Visit to the Botanical Gardens

    With my adventure to Denver Botanic Gardens, many a wonder had been witnessed for this day. I decided to take more pictures, as these are 90% of what crowds my photo storage. Sorry for the tater quality pictures. You approach the turnstiles and know that when you get there, you have to give...
  7. TongueFlicker

    A Much Needed Vacation II

    Skinny-dipping never ends! Lol A part two of my much needed vacation here at Pulau Sangihe, Indonesia a volcanic island just a few kilometers south of the Philippines. A very scary limestone cliff @__@ With the kids of my local guide At the heart of a tropical bamboo forest Natural...
  8. CorneliusSchrute

    Aldrovandra: Introduce Zooplankton?

    I have some U.gibba and Aldrovandra coming next month or so, and have begun to set up my small water feature for them. So far I have done the following with a 4 gallon or so washing bucket. - started with a base layer (~1 inch) of plain kitty litter for clay content - added a layer of boiled...
  9. pik

    D. madagascariensis

    When I first got this plant a year ago it shot up then promptly fell over under its own weight and grew along the ground for awhile to about 10" before dying. I was distraught and puzzled as to why a plant would evolve in such a seemingly foolish way. To my guarded delight, before it died out...
  10. Lil Stinkpot

    Fountain for the greenhouse (DUW)

    I wanted to raise the humidity, and perhaps build a sort-of swamp cooler arrangement for the greenhouse. Well, the project ran away from me, and I ended up with a really big, humidity-busting water fountain. I am happy with the results. Here's what I did. It took a trip to two different...
  11. Z.Z.

    General Orchid Information :)

    Hi everyone :) I noticed some questions about orchid care, and rather than posting in all of the threads, I figured a single post in a new thread may be a better option. Hope its ok if I do this :) Most orchids are "air" plants, although there are some terrestrial varieties. For terrestrial...
  12. P

    Bamboos for trade

    I have the following hardy zone 5 1/2 bamboos up for trade: Shibataea kumasaca very different looking Sasa palmata-PALMATA BAMBOO larger leaves Pleioblastus viridistriatus-DWARF GREENSTRIPE variegated yellow and green Pleioblastus shibuyanus-Tsuboi Green with a white stripe down the middle...
  13. J

    Jht-union's Grow List

    My new growlist: Sundews(Droseras): Temperate Sundews USA: 6 Intermedia temperate 3 Tracyi’s Subtropical, Tropical African Sundews: Estimations 20 capensis 40 capensis Alba 8 capensis Broad Leaf 1 Madagascariensis 10 Venusta 8 X binate 2 binata Tropical South American Sundews: 5-6...
  14. thez_yo

    Need Orchid Stakes

    I have a lot of plants that need a stake in them - taller nepenthes vines, orchids that will spike in the future, other random stuff I'm sprouting. I can't find bamboo orchid stakes *ANYWHERE* in town here so if you can ship me some NEW (not used!) ~25 12" bamboo stakes and another ~25 16-18"...
  15. Dodge

    My first community setup (P. Regalis)

    My first community setup (P. Regalis) :-D Just put in four 1/2" P. Regalis slings last night and they are already hold in 1 bamboo tube all together :)
  16. seedjar

    I lost a plant... under my lawn. How do I find it?

    There's a voodoo lily in my yard that I had wanted to divide this summer. Unfortunately, a well-meaning helper lopped the foliage off of it while giving me a hand with dandelions, and with a bunch of other stuff to do around the house I kind of forgot all about it for a while. How can I find it...
  17. P

    Bamboo for trade

    I have the following bamboos for trade if anyone wants Phyllostachys aurea-TORTOISE SHELL BAMBOO Phyllostachys aureosulcata-Golden groove Pleioblastus pygmaeus Pleioblastus shibuyanus-Tsuboi Pleioblastus viridistriatus-DWARF GREENSTRIPE Sasa palmata-PALMATA BAMBOO Shibataea kumasaca...
  18. kamiljablo

    15 Pack Ornamental Seed Collection - You pick and choose what you want! IronTom $5

    Hi! This is an offer for 15 packets of ornamental seeds. Including flowers and other inedibles. Highest bidder will pick 15 DIFFERENT seed varieties. These are the seeds being offered: ASTER- CREGO MIXED COLORS CHOCOLATE JOE PYE WEED BABY'S BREATH- CREEPING ROSE ZINNIA ELEGANS- PURPLE PRINCE...
  19. larry

    Biodegradable bamboo pots

    Has anyone used these before? I saw these at the 99 cent store, they are beautiful. Since these are biodegradable, I'm wondering how long these pots will last, especially with growing cp's in wet conditions.
  20. upper

    Cutting race

    Ventrata Cutting(thanks zero) In Water (the tube was from those bamboo stick they sell at ikea) In Sphagnum&Pumice this was formed on my typical. i guess my typical had some cupped trap mixed in it.(or its deformed) took this picture at a bad view, if you looked at it from...