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  1. Nepenthes

    On the late show with the holiday pictures. Dial up Warning.

    Just figured I would share a couple pics of the greenhouse neps now that they've had some time to settle in. Unfortunately the daylight hours have been less than ideal, but some stuff is still looking pretty good. A couple Spectabilis xx Lowii x Ventricosa pitchers. Another seed grown of...
  2. ch00ka

    Chooka's Nepenthes

    x:x- Ch00ka's Neps -x:x ========================================================+ See photos of my plants HERE!!! ++Grow List++ Nepenthes Species: alata [CC] Pic1 argentii [PF] angasanensis [PF] burkii [PF] Pic1 bongso [PF] bongso [CE] burbidgeae [PF] densiflora [CE] diatas [PF] ephippiata...
  3. W

    October pictures from the greenhouse

    N. truncata x (ventricosa x aristolochiodes) N. ventricosa 'K' S. x mooreii 'Select' - Bud Wilkerson Bog S. leuocophylla - Crestview N. truncata - lowland N. x ventrata N. thorelli x truncata N. sanguinea
  4. Brokken

    New aristolochiodes

    I am not an expert neph grower, but I couldn't help getting one:
  5. SirKristoff

    Little update on some of my babies

    Aristolochiodes, other two pitcher died, this one just opened..its alot smaller than the previous ones from adjustment, but its still beautiful none the less Bongso, small, but beautiful! N. Lowii Trusmadi, i got this little guy a few months ago, looked a bit rough, but man has it made a come...
  6. glider14

    Some neps looking good!

    I thought id take some pics of some of my highlanders! N. lowii. starting to look better and better with every leaf! N. tentaculata. still a favorite of mine! N. aristolochiodes. anyone know whats wrong with that growth tip? its been fine up until now! The terrarium i grow these in. N...
  7. D_muscipula

    splendiana x (veitchii x tiveyi)

    I have alot of extra N. splendiana x (veitchii x tiveyi) seed its a couple days old but there is alot of it like a couple 100 seeds I'm offering. I am wondering if anyone is interested in trading seed for a plant. the seed is lowland-intermediate by the way. I am particularly looking for...
  8. M

    natural lighting for highland neps. qs.

    Hi everyone, I have recently set up a few highland neps (ventricosa, truncata, aristolochiodes, and ramispina) in my living room. I mist about 4 times a day, and the temps are in the upper 70s during the day, and upper 60s at night. I'm concerned about whether I am giving them enough light...
  9. nepenthes369

    Also looking for N. hamata

    Hi I'm currently hunting for N. hamata. If I have a choice I'd prefer seed grown or cutting from a seed grown plant, but am not bound by this completely. Anyone's help would be GREATLY appreciated. This is what I have to offer (Pretty open on what I'd Trade, even multipuls-possibly: N...
  10. glider14

    Looking for the following

    hello, Im looking for the following. plants or cuttings are fine. cuttings do not need to be rooted. small plants and basal shoots are also fine. I don't have too much to trade... Pm me and we can work something out. N. stenophylla/ fallax N. hamata N. fusca (any form) N. inermis N...
  11. C

    Grow list

    The list below does not include any seeds waiting for germination. Cephalotus follicularis Dionaea muscipula “Akai Red” “Big Mouth” “Freak” “Sawtooth” “South West Giant” Drosera adelae admirabilis aliciae aliciae...
  12. C

    Yet another growlist

    Here my growlist Cephalotus follicularis Dionaea muscipula “Akai Red” “Big Mouth” “Freak” “Sawtooth” “South West Giant” Drosera adelae admirabilis aliciae aliciae ‘veined flower’ binata var. dichotoma...
  13. L

    ultra vigorous?

    Hey all, I'm back! Looking for some good highland or intermediate plants that are good for windowsills. There are so many scientific names that I've forgotten a search isnt helping me much. But I'm thinking I want to get an aristolochiodes and then a few more vigorous plants. The kind that like...
  14. L

    he's alive!

    what? who? that's right, lithopsman is back. still alive. in fact, as some of you who were around at the time might remember, I sold off all of my massive collection a while back. Every last bit. So today I was trimming a bonsai tree in my room and planting the cuttings of it. And it got me on a...
  15. Capslock

    Major scores from local store!

    Man, that was a surreal experience. I went to a local gardening store (specializing in "indoor gardeniing") to get some trays and supplies for my plants. My first impression driving up was negative, as the store was mysteriously closed. It had a piece of paper tacked up that said it would open...
  16. D

    southern california

    Would it be possible for me to grow highland nepenthes if the daytime temperature is in 75-80F? The nightime temperature DOES go down, and probably will be in the low 70's. So far being in SC i've only grown lowland, but I really want to try something like aristolochiodes or hamata. I would be...
  17. killerplantsguy

    Tissue culture "runts"

    Hello all, One of my older Nepenthes is a N. aristolochiodes I've been growing over 5 years.  It is still less than 7 cm across, and is producing lower pitchers about 2 cm high. Anyway, I'm wondering if it might be a tissue culture weakling.  Plants such as N. talangensis, N. hamata and N...
  18. F

    flytraps2000's growlist

    Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to. Aldrovanda ald1 Japanese form ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley...
  19. R

    N. aristolochioides hybrids

    There are many N. aristolochioides hybrids out there. I have several of them, yet I tend to grow them smaller due to what I believe N. aristolochiodes grows. (small defined as 6-8 inch hanging baskets) I even grow my N. truncata x aristolochioides on the same smaller side. Does anyone have a...
  20. W

    Thank you schloaty

    Hey everyone - I've been really busy lately and haven't been here on the forums in a while. Now that I have a moment, I wanted to say a BIG BIG special Thank You to Schloaty for the N. aristolochiodes. Now THAT's a wedding present I'm sure all you CPers can appreciate!!!!!!!! Thanks to Tony P...