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Just figured I would share a couple pics of the greenhouse neps now that they've had some time to settle in. Unfortunately the daylight hours have been less than ideal, but some stuff is still looking pretty good.

A couple Spectabilis xx Lowii x Ventricosa pitchers.

Another seed grown of the same cross:

2 Eymae uppers from Andreas Wistuba: The vine on this thing is out of control.

Same plant, Lowers:

Maxima x Trusmadiensis with it's big mouth swallowing up other pitchers. This clone makes some huge pitchers and is growing like a weed. I just took 2 or 3 cuttings of this plant that I plan on establishing nicely before trading if anyone is interested in cloning one of their plants.

Another, after removing the pitcher from the pitcher...

An upper and a Lower of Maxima x Thorelii (I also took cutings of this plant):

The upper by itself:

Talangensis x Veitchii (H/L): This plant took a beating but is coming back strong with 2 growth points that have sprung back surprisingly quickly.

Truncata xx Ventricosa x Aristolochiodes: Looks like something was munching on this before everything got Ortho-bombed.

I can never remember the species used in this hybrid, but i really like the pink pastel coloration, although my camera fails to capture it.


Thorelii x TM 'Steve Duggins' if you will: I really love this clone. This cross is extremely dynamic, even within the same clone, however all the uppers of this particular clone have a crazy mouth shape.


Thorelii x Tiveyii:

Sibuyanensis x Trusmadiensis: This is one of my favorites (although they all are really). This appears to be an almost-upper but i'm not really sure. It seems like the other pitcher i've seen on it before have had even more prominent 'teeth'. I have a basal cutting rooting up if anyone is interested in the future.


Spathulata x Thorelii: (cuttings of this as well)

Ventricosa 'K':

Ventricosa x Aristo: This is actually an established cutting with a decent sized pitcher. The actual plant slowed down a lot due to a ridiculous amount of basals and sideshoots. I hacked this plant up some, but the rest should fill out nicely


Spectabilis x Veitchii H/L

Eymae xx Stenophylla x Lowii: The coloration in the pitchers make it seem as if they're filled with blood. This pic sucks because my camera has no focus.

I'm not really sure on the parentage of this hybrid. It appears to be Veitchii x Truncata but Ludwig (whom donated the plant to me) said he didn't have that cross anymore. The plant was definitely in decline so it's possible he didn't realize he had the clone and it was hiding behind some other plants. This has already happened to me too =). I've been spraying with Orthonex to kill off some mites, but I'm not sure what's wrong with this one. I repotted it and removed the old clogging media so hopefully these measures will solve the problem, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I want this plant to recover, because it looks promising:


Your plants are absolutely stunning! I especially like your sib x tm.
Those are some really ridiculously nice plants you have there. Thanks for posting these pics!

I'd be interested in trading sometime! :D I don't have much, but I think I may have a thing or two that you'd be interested in.

Outstanding growing!!!
Eymae xx Stenophylla x Lowii is quite impressive
Very nice plants! I have a couple neps that I didn't see on your growlist so maybe we could do some trading in the future :).
Hey Daniel,

Your plants are looking great! The N. maxima x Trusmadiensis is awesome!

I'm interested in trading too, lol, I think I have some stuff you may be interested in.

Great collection! Thanks for posting the pics. Love the ventricosa and
Eymae xx Stenophylla x Lowii with the red fluid inside. Fantastic.
That is amazing. Those are very nicely grown, good job.
Where've you been man?! your plants look as stunning as ever. Id love to trade too lol. dont mean to jump on here!
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Very nice, these are true Nepethes!
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Wow, you definitely deserve the name Nepenthes. I'd like to see more of the talangensis x veitchii
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Beautiful Nepenthes Daniel!! Excellent growing, you have some jaw droppers, thanks for sharing.
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Thank you so much for the kind comments everyone :). I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. Max, Jimmy, Steven, and Obregon, I would love to trade with anyone who is willing. I'm particularly interested in EP hybrids, or anything seed grown. I'm always willing to consider other nice stuff as well. Btw Obregon, i've just been super busy with work and the daily grind, but i've been working on the greenhouse a lot lately, and my interest in my plants has grown once again :) (which is why i started cloning everything, to make more room). I'll take some more pics of the Talangensis x Veitchii when the newest pitcher is done inflating DrWurm. It looks quite promising. I'll also take some cuttings of the Eymae xx Stenophylla x Lowii in a couple months since a few people seem to like it. It's really starting to take off and is looking quite healthy.

Thanks again for the compliments everyone! They really mean a lot to me. I look forward to becoming an active member here once again :)

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Thanks again for the compliments everyone! They really mean a lot to me. I look forward to becoming an active member here once again

You deserve it! We look forward to it too. Glad to hear everything's good, and i look forward to our trading! :)

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great neps!
I love the sib x tm and Eymae xx Stenophylla x Lowii
I hope to have some good trading material by spring:)
the truncata hybrid looks like truncata x veitchii Batu Buli EP

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Great plants nepenthes, I really enjoyed them. Thanks for postin.
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Thanks again for the compliments everyone :). I always love a picture thread, and i'm glad i was able to contribute one.

Zero: That is actually the cross I was thinking, though i got it reversed (Veitchii x Truncata). It probably is the cross you said because I think Mike may have ordered a couple. I'll have to ask him, though, because IIRC he said he didn't have the cross anymore. Thanks for the recommendation Zero, and thanks for the input everyone :).

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Wow, really nice plants you have there! I ecpecialy like that Ventricosa 'K'. And that Eymae xx Stenophylla x Lowii? WOW... just awesome!
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Your plants are amazing! I would definitely be interested in trading sometime. I have some rooting cuttings of a nep that's not on my grow list ;) Love your plants. Show us some more!