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Little update on some of my babies

Aristolochiodes, other two pitcher died, this one just opened..its alot smaller than the previous ones from adjustment, but its still beautiful none the less

Bongso, small, but beautiful!

N. Lowii Trusmadi, i got this little guy a few months ago, looked a bit rough, but man has it made a come back!!! newest pitcher to open was double the size of its previous one. and its new one is looking promising as well!


One of my N. Rajahs that i ordered a couple months ago...they looked shakey, but are making an amazing comeback! the new leaf is very nice on this one, the one on the other was very small from shock. But none the less, its starting to drop 2 tendrils :3
thanks for the update. Is the sphagnum just top dressing or the entire media?
They look real good! I still find it odd that you've never met Homer League, the cp hobbyist who also lives in Puyallup, however that's pronounced!
pew-al-up. xD yeah i know i havent met him yet...i hope i get to soon though. it would be pretty cool. the sphagnum is just a top dressing. the only nep i have growing in pure LFS is my Talangensis
Kris you have to teach me how you label your pictures like that. Thanks for the update.
I believe the label is called a 'watermark'.
Photobucket has a photo editer now. so ive just been adding that on there. Oh, and here are a couple more plants
Muluensis x Lowii (sorry its a bit blurry)



*Drools* They look so amazing! I really want more neps x). Update us on the rajahs!
I really liked all your Neps, but if I was forced to choose the N.Bongso and the N. Lowii Trusmadi looks very nice also the Muluensis x Lowii and Sibuyanensis looks very good looking too I hope your plants grow really well for you I bet your N.Rajahs will be making pitchers in no time. =)
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Thanks for the comments guys :3 i think my favorite of my plants is a draw between aristolochioides, mulu x lowii, lowii, and bongso.......Adventually my Hamatas once they start growing. shock kinda set em back
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heres a better pic of the Mulu x Lowii

and the nep part of the rack