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Always a newbie
Im looking for the following. plants or cuttings are fine. cuttings do not need to be rooted. small plants and basal shoots are also fine. I don't have too much to trade... Pm me and we can work something out.

N. stenophylla/ fallax
N. hamata
N. fusca (any form)
N. inermis
N. aristolochiodes
N. muluensis
Most hybirds.

S. rubra ssp gulfensis and ssp jonesii(no trade)
S. oreophila(no trade)


PS: if it will be a little while before the plants are ready, thats fine, take your time. i dont need them this instant.
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I have a dime-sized fusca sarawak. It was sent unrooted and now it's rooted. PM me if you want.
Hey Alex,

You can actually trade for S. rubra ssp. gulfensis, its not protected.
the no trade is for jonesii
ahhh.. your lumping confused me. :p