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what? who? that's right, lithopsman is back. still alive. in fact, as some of you who were around at the time might remember, I sold off all of my massive collection a while back. Every last bit. So today I was trimming a bonsai tree in my room and planting the cuttings of it. And it got me on a tangent and I replanted and fertilized everything except my only orchid I still own since the CP era. And I happen to be redecorating my room as well. This is when I said "hey, I wonder if those flytrap forums still have my username.." and I'm now back on and in search of some help. I still remember bits and pieces, but much of it is gone. And I'm looking to get some plants to put on my various windowsills and underwindow tables in my room. Last time I had gazillions of huge terrariums and loud pumps and such. Since my band has become a much bigger part of my life, more people are in the place for practice and what not and aesthetics are a little more important. So save for one huge windowsill in the closet, no terrariums. Mostly interested in Nepenthes. Maybe the people who were fortunate enough to get my killer deals, such as the jacquelineae and aristolochiodes for so little will return the favor and speak up, as I've long since forgotten who ordered what. I'm looking for some cuttings of Nepenthes, maybe a flytrap, a sundew or two. Just a sampler to bring me back to the old days. But I've vowed not to get all the old stuff back out.
Just cant afford the 10 neps a month addiction. Tony probably remembers me well and fondly. Let's see all the names I can think of:
plantakiss, schloaty, tony parobek, rattler mt, jimscott, swords, ryan, flytrapgurl, arie, ozzy, tamlin, and several more that are on the tip of my tongue. How many of you are still around? Anyone have any cool plants for sale as cuttings?

EDIT: in my 5 minutes of browsing, I've seen a ton of these names and several more that are bringing back old memories.
Tamlin left and has just not long ago came back on a limited basis and he doesnt have much.

i might have some stuff..............no neps unless yah want ventrata, i might could have some dews and Utrics if your interested. busy as hell though latley and am not sure when i could get the package off but could round up some stuff rare and exotic.................or atleast uncommon
Ventrata might be cool. I have nothing, remember. I could go for some ventrata, probably no utrics, not the prettiest thing in the world when not in bloom, maybe some dews. Thanks for the offers, good to hear from you again. Tell me more about the ventrata, por favor.
uhhhhhhhhhhhhh not sure assuming its allive. its burried behind my jac. x izumae but i believe i saw a new pitcher on it the other day bout 3-4 inches tall. IIRC it had several growth points and was about 7 inches of vine last i saw. ill see if i cant extract it and get a pic later in the week. got a bunch of ventricosa seedlings as well. like i said im really busy, ive got a knee surgery coming up and my boss/wife is getting as much work out of me as she can before im laid up
I understand completely. No biggie if you cant get that done. Did you buy any plants from me off ebay way back when that was happening? For some reason I'm thinking I sold you my rajah, I could be wrong.
nope wasnt me. i looked them over but was lacking funds at the time but iz believe we have traded in the past on some stuff......... what? who knows.

as far as Drosera at the moment i think i have a couple extra spatulata grown from seed collected outside of Hong Kong, D. oblanoeolata "Hong Kong, Sunset Peak", all the capensis yah want. possibally a madigascariensis, and i might, and this is a big, MIGHT have some paradoxa seed
Yeah, I know we traded when you first got on board. Any and all of those interest me. If youre interested in Ficus tree bonsai, you might have a trade even
Not sure I recognize you, but welcome back.
Welcome back! If'n you're interested in Drosera, Utrics, or Pings, I can help ya out. I don't have many pitcher plants of either genera.

So... have ya been 'Reelin' in The Years'? Do you 'Remember The Days Of The Old Schoolyard'? Have ya 'Lost The Number'? Just gotta "Do It again'!
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remember me? i remember you!

i'd be happy to give you some stuff for shipping. pm me if you want.
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Am I in a time warp or something? It doesn't seem like that long ago that you were here. lol Glad to see you back though.

Yep...those CPs get under your skin. You just can't walk away. Eventually you come back even if its in a more limited way.

I see you mentioned MY name first. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. lol

Welcome back!!
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Welcome Back Lithopsman. I just got on board about a year ago, and do not know you. I might have a few extra Dews if your interested. I see your already taken care of on Ventrata. If you want orchids I have some of those for trade. I would be interested in a Ficus tree or two for bonsai. I was into those a while ago, but was too young to stick to it. Now I'm older wiser and have stuck with growing orchids and CPs. So I have the patience now. LOL If you don't learn anything else from orchids you WILL learn patience. Again Welcome back!
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Thanks for the welcomes! Jim- I saw steely dan not so long ago in dallas! Incredible! Tell me about the Steelyard line, where is it from? That's the name of the tour.

Pill- I remember you for sure. Tell me about what you have. I'm interested in anything and everything for now. Unfortunately I dont know if I'll ever be able to have a Nepenthes tank that could have been insured for over $1000 again. Maybe someday. But for now, I'd like to have a few plants that eat the same things as my herps!
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Hey lithopsman! Long time no see. Don't think we ever traded, but you were on the forums quite a bit afore you took your hiatus. I don't have any neps, however if you get a hankering for some D. scorpioides let me know. I have a bu... Uh a bunch of gemmae.
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I loved my scorpioides. Could you do that? I could send a SASE or you could send them my way and I could mail you a few bucks for the troubles. Let me know.
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I'll send ya some as a hedge on any stupidity of mine turning mine into scorpy-whatsis?
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Welcome back! I've got a flytrap or two I could send your way maybe a sundew... PM me and let me know.
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Sure I remember you and wish I could help reup your collection. Hang in there and I may be able to help next season. It makes me feel good that there is still much generosity here at TF so you should be sitting pretty in short time. Grow on and share!
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Hi! Welcome back, you're before my time on TF but I'm pleased to meet you online. I have gammae of serveral species available if you'd like. Drop me a PM if you'd like.