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  1. fredg

    Farming Ants

    The Ants are doing very well with their livestock. The Blackfly are looking very plump.
  2. Sashoke

    A grand feast!

    Noticed one of my N. ventricosa x (thorelii x aristolochioides) looked funny, so I took a closer look... Its interesting to note the amount of "drool" these pitchers have been producing, note the ants are congregating midway and further down on the pitcher body, thats because the entire...
  3. theplantman

    FT: Black Wattle, Acacia melanoxylon

    Hi folks, Up for trade are two Black Wattle or Acacia melanoxylon plants, grown from seed provided by Randy Story. They're displayed above but will be bare-rooted for shipment. These are botanically quite interesting because they produce wonderful feathery leaves like a Mimosa as well as...
  4. maxima

    Hunting At Home

    So I woke up this morning and found my living room table crawling with ants. Why don't ants stop working on sundays ? Anyway, I thought it was the anthurium as it keeps blooming and they seem attracted to it. I guess everything was going real smooth until they met an alien species... I...
  5. S

    Feeding ants?

    This time of year in the Northwest we get a few ants that come into our house. What would you feed the ants to? I have VFT, Pings, Sundews a few pitchers? I tried a D.spatulata yesterday, came back 6-8 hours later and the ant was still alive and kicking it's legs.. Suggestions?
  6. H

    Ant problem

    Hi all, I have a terrarium in my room containing a mixture of carnivorous plants. Recently the ants invaded the house and a few found my Nepenthes, now the pitchers are full of ants! When there was only a few I didn't mind, however their numbers are increasing. The pitchers are regularly...
  7. ErrorEN

    Getting into Cypripediums

    Hi everyone, 2 years ago my family and I moved to the east coast and my mom painstakingly dragged along her huge tropical orchid collection with her from California. 2 years later her orchid collection has slowly withered away. Between the harsh winter and rampant scale infestations courtesy of...
  8. T

    Pitcher Die-off on Nepenthes pulchra

    Recently the pitchers on my Nepenthes pulchra have been dying off. I got the plant a few months ago and it has been growing in the same conditions with 80 degrees in the day and low 60s at night and close to 100% humidity the whole time. I have the plant under CFLs for 10 hours every day. The...
  9. DJ57

    Thieves or cleanup crew?

    Bog ants all over VFT. I have see them flood sarracenia pitchers, but this is a first for me on the VFT, haha. https://flic.kr/p/uUkjUe
  10. SerMuncherIV

    Ants living in my Sarracenia?

    Today, I noticed a great deal of ants swarming about my Sarracenia. I was very surprised when I peered into an old purpurea pitcher from last year, and found this! It appears that my collection has been colonized by a group of Tetramorium caespitum. (Any ant taxonomists out there to confirm...
  11. N

    Carnivorous plant that eats ants

    I am having a lot of ants enter into my kitchen. I am not a fun of using all the chemicals to kill them so is there any plants you guys know that attract ants? It would be in the house so that is another factor. I was thinking maybe a sundew but i am not sure. Thank you again. Nick
  12. R

    Passiflora giveaway: 'Preciosa' cuttings plus Passiflora membranacea seeds

    My Passiflora 'Preciosa' desperately needs to be cut back--I plan to do it Sunday. If anyone can get any use out of some of the cuttings, I can send about 10 nodes (or possibly more, depending on interest). 2 nodes is enough to root a new plant, and they root in water. There's a good chance...
  13. ps3isawesome

    Nepenthes maxima x spectabilis fed with ants

    So they were outside and ants invaded them. Needless to say the ants all died. After I moved it inside it produced 2 new pitchers and this one is SO MUCH BIGGER Feeding makes a huge difference
  14. TongueFlicker

    Look Alikes :D

    Thought I'd introduce some of my critters to you guys. Not that they don't deserve their own threads but because I'm gonna be away again for a few days. Just to keep you guys freshened up with new species that you don't see posted every day (or ever in any forums for that matter. Unless we're...
  15. ps3isawesome

    my pitchers are flooded with ants, not enough digestive fluid, dead ants now molding

    so ya, two of my pitchers have white mold in them. Tons and tons of ants but not enough digestive fluid. So the question is should i cut off the pitchers? or just let it mold
  16. ps3isawesome

    Army of ants invaded my grow area and lost

    Two days ago I noticed several ants hanging around my tray and I got kinda excited because there's been a shortage on flying insects. All my pitchers had nectars dribbling down them and by the time the ants were all captured, all the nectar were gone ^_^. They managed to reach the pots...
  17. BaseDrifter

    My experience and what I've learned about mealybugs (ugh!)

    **I will preface this by saying I am not an expert, I have only been growing CPs for 5 years (but only really got into them in the last year) and there are many people here with vastly more experience. This is a summary of my experience and what I've learned about these horrid creatures. If you...
  18. TongueFlicker

    Grumpy Cat's Scaly Counterpart :D

    Her enclosure had a secret colony of red ants residing on the substrate so i had to clean it asap. She wasn't obviously happy about the idea It only took me 17 minutes to dump the soil, wipe the glass and put everything back in haha Yes, she is grumpy indeed! Happy Monday to you...
  19. Dragoness

    Why do you love your Neps?

    How did you get involved with neps? Do you have a favorite? if so, what draws you to that plant? My fascination with Nepenthes started long before I had the means to care for one. I had a VFT and a purple pitcher plant, and was reading up on their care, and in doing so, read about the care of...
  20. Cthulhu138

    My Ant Plants

    First the Ant Ferns. Lecanopteris carnosa Lecanopteris sinuosa mounted with a Vittaria species. Hyndophytum formicarum Close up of the caudex. Close up of the developing fruit. Myrmecodia sp. Close up of the caudex. These are the natural holes in the caudex that the ants will...