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my pitchers are flooded with ants, not enough digestive fluid, dead ants now molding

so ya, two of my pitchers have white mold in them. Tons and tons of ants but not enough digestive fluid.

So the question is should i cut off the pitchers? or just let it mold
Not sure about the best answer to your question, sorry. Did you try adding more fluid to the pitcher when it was having trouble with the ants? I would think an extra touch of water in there would give the plant a leg up on a meal that's too big like that. You might post a pic of the pitchers too to make it easier to see if they are salvageable.
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If they're molding it might be time to cut the affected pitchers off. Mold and plants are never a good combination
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well..... I didn't know when fluids were low and pitchers have lots of insect that it would mold. Although I did thought about adding water in it. I decided to cut the pitchers off. It has enough food anyway.
You can wash out pitchers of excess bugs, for future reference. Otherwise, I would just cut them off, if the mold has infected the tissue might as well, and if not it shouldn't be a significant blow to the plant's growth