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Army of ants invaded my grow area and lost

Two days ago I noticed several ants hanging around my tray and I got kinda excited because there's been a shortage on flying insects. All my pitchers had nectars dribbling down them and by the time the ants were all captured, all the nectar were gone ^_^.


They managed to reach the pots standing in water through a leaf of a Sarracenia that was sticking out


The next day when I woke up, most of all my plants were 1/2 or almost filled up with ants. Some nepenthes at the bottom of the grow rack also had tons of ants in them. Needless to say, my plants were all well fed. I also stuck a chop stick down the pitchers and sprinkled some of the ants on my droseras. As you can see, the pitchers started turning color right away :)



And then a video of the aftermath the day after the ants lost

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Haha, nice. Why do the pitchers burn like that when well fed with ants? Is it the formic acid?
Awesome! Sarracenia sure are pigs!
According to someone else it's from either too much prey above the digestive zone breaking down and releasing nutrients into the pitcher wall, or possibly from frantic ants spraying formic acid.

they are such pigs with so much nectar
They fought the Sarrs and the Sarrs won.
and the nepenthes, droseras, and flytraps. it was a much needed feast for everybody.
XD Epic...

That was one colonial migration that wont be made twice.