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Dear CP growers!

Past 2 weeks I have been deflasking and started to acclimatize many sundew species from in vitro.

Most of then grew well in various tested nutrient media, some test have been performed with hormones and with colloidal silver. Here I would like to share several pictures with you.

drosera aff.petiolaris "pin cushion form" x drosera ordensis in vitro

For some species finally I got the right composition for inducing the tuberisation, here the tubers of

drosera rupicola "various flower colours"

Deflasking and acclimatisation of d.falconeri, d. hartmeyerorum, d. rupicola, d. zigzagia and d.kaieterurensis

Laboratory acclimatisation of d.mannii and various lasiocephala sundews

Laboratory acclimatisation of d.pulchella "Salmon flower", d. closterostigma and d.capensis "Baines Kloof" and "All Red"

Greenhouse acclimatisation of d.affinis, d.ascendens, d. burmannii, d. sessifolia, d.sp."Pretty Rosette", etc

Greenhouse acclimatisation of d.admirabilis, d.camporupestris, d.ascendens, d.esterhuyseniae x slackiii etc

Fully acclimatised d. hilaris

If the weather continues to be so nice, they will be hardened in 2 weeks time, hopefully.

Hope you liked the pics:)
beautiful progress klasac. if only you were in the states... a good chunk of my change would be going to you. ;)
Moving to California hopefully this year;)
Glad to see everything acclimatizing so well. I always enjoy your updates..
Glad to see another one of your updates. Looks like you've got quite a Drosera stockpile going! ;)
WOW, that's quite a collection. I too await your collection in Ca. :boogie:
Nicely done, congrats! :)