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Hi all i am back. And after a particually harsh summer my plants look like crap. The flavas are messes, venus flytraps have been super dry, and luecos hate my climate. They spend almost the whole year making phyllodia. My climate has humidity 0%, average summer temps is 99-100 degrees farhinheit, and we had a heat wave in the 113. But thinking if it, i have lost no plants this summer :D Not like how i lost half my collection this winter. Plus my plants have just started to make their fall leaves.
here are the pics:

All my Plants(1st tray):

All My plants (2nd tray)

My two huge plants from Home depot

S. 'red rocket'

My Mess of a Leucophylla 'tarnock'

My random plants that did not fit in any tray

S. oreophila "alabama" (from Mike Wang)

S. x 'abandoned hope'

S. leucophylla from home depot:

S. xexcellens from home depot

Regrowth on a very shocked S. alata

A not so red S. jonessi "red"

My favorite hybrid a S. Purpurea venosa x oreophila

S. alabamensis:

My mess of a S. flava var. cupurea

D. capensis "alba"


My babys:
D. spathula

Sarracenia mix from parker:
Your plants look like they could use a bit more light and a bit more water. Also, your D.spatulata are Sarracenia seedlings of some kind.
Thanks so much. I just moved my plants to a way sunnier spot last saterday, becuase they were not getting enough light, but i could see the red bluch on new pitchers, which i had not seen in a long time. And the pics were taken right before i watered, so they were way drier then they normally are. Lastly, with the D> spathula, i messed up with the pic uploading and uploaded the wrong pic. Thank you so much.
You could always send them to me Andrew:D.
I could, but there is the chance of them doing something nice this fall. Plus all my plants are so commen, you probually have 15 of them. I alo just saw that my pllants look tereable blown up like that, they look way better on my tiny camera screen.
That oreo x purpurea can have some great coloring though:

The leaf was deformed, but when it's first few leaves were shaped like that, i though i had a cultivar plant. I had some people saying i should register it, it name was going to be 'death's cradle' But the defomration was not stable, but it will make some awsome hybrids someday.