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W: green af S. psitacina, leucophylla. H: S. rosea luteola, blue crays, rare Hosta,

I want to replace the beautiufl all-green antho-free Sarracenia psitacina that I lost over the summer. I am also looking for a nice anthocyanin free S. leucophylla or antho-free S. leuco x rubra jonesii or a solid-red form of S. rosea (I had a great plant of this before that was unfortunately lost a few winters back).

I have some young small (e.g. 1" diameter) young plants of S. rosea luteola I could trade (could send multiples for the right/larger plants). I also have some other larger Sarrs that I could divide if interested. I also have other items like large, established plant of streaked breeder Hosta cultivar 'Fascination' (these are in demand by Hosta folks as the variegation is unstable and they will produce variegated seedlings). I have lots of very healthy/hardy Japan Blue Guppies or another attractive lytretail type guppy. I also have blue crayfish....young healthy individuals (shops generally sell them for $20 each.......neat to look at and not too hard to breed). I have some other unusual succulents especially some unusual types of Sansevieria (also quite popular right now). Let me know what you have and what you are interested in.