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Hey y'all, I'm looking for N. Viking (Mirabilis var. globosa) species and hybrids. I'd be most interested in Viking x amp (red) but I'd definitely consider anything else. I'm also looking for:

* Always looking for clones/plants of tentaculata ***
* ampullaria
* eymae
* glabrata
* gymnamphora
* Any heliamphora or ceph

I'm consider any other offers and also interested in expanding my Ping collection and finding some cool Dionea (since I have none!)

I have a bunch of stuff including:

A few nepenthes including but not limited to:
* N. albomarginata "red"
* N. 'Gentle'
* N. spathulata x spectabilis (vining with basal)
* N. 'Riddler'
* N. sanguinea x ramispina

nepenthes cuttings:
* ventricosa x ovata (I'll only trade this for something pretty rad)
* maxima with green uppers
* vent x belii
* possibly an izumiea x ramispina (EP)
Thanks Paul ^^

pings (weser and sethos mainly)

epiphytic utricularia
*calcifyda 'Asenith white'
* nephrophylla

Thanks! Shoot me a PM if your interested.
P.S. I'd also be SUPER stoked if anyone could find me
N. adnata x muluensis
N. truncata x ephippiata (EP)

I can get some Viking seeds or pods? Would that help ya out?