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Hey all (for the second time in 24 hours..), The first CP I've ever bought was a VFT from a supermarket, but besides one thats growing on the other side of the country at my Mom's pad, I don't have a single fly trap. I'd love to try my hand at growing one and pay homage to the plant that got me into nepenthes.

Would anyone be willing to trade a non typical fly trap?? I'm not looking for anything too fancy, but I like the more "clumping style" varieties, and I prefer a deeper red coloration. I'm really clueless to VFT's so I could be describing a bunch of them, but as long as I see more traps than petioles I'm cool! I'd love a mature sized plant or two. Holla!

I have a bunch of little "doo-dads" for trade and could include:
U. livida plugs
U. calcyfida plug
U. nephrophylla plug
D. spatulata (a few good sized plants)
D. rotundifolia (wild collected from my friends bog back in Maine)
A generous helping of red sphagnum from Maine
N. Gentle
If I can remove one I have basal growth from N. ventricosa x ramispina, N. "Riddler" and N. ventrata
I have a few small tillandsias and brmeliads that I'd be willing to trade including neoregelia "fireball" pups and a few others.
A few really nice red tipped jade plant cuttings!

There are a few more things so feel free to ask about anything in particular.
Your inbox is full... :/ this is what I tried to send.

It might not be what you want, but I have some nice, big typical VFTs that have a deep red in the mouth of their traps. They clump and hug the ground tightly in the winter but grow on long thin petioles in the summer. The traps on these guys are big.

I would be interested in the N. "Gentle" you listed.

I had some nice Maroon Monster VFTs a while back, but it will be next year before my stock regenerates enough to trade. But if you are interested in waiting...

I can get you pictures in the next few days.

Yea your inbox is all full but I have a young 'Mirror' to trade for possibly the N. 'Riddler' and a little bit of red sphagnum?

Hey guys, sorry about my inbox. It's cleared now. A just set up a tentative trade for a few VTF's but I'd still be down to trade for other cultivars.

I think I'm getting a typical in a trade thats in the works and sorry but I'm not really that interested in the 'mirror'. I don't know why but the cultivars that came from mutations never really tickled my fancy that much. If I don't end up getting a typical Corey I might end up taking you up on your offer though.

Kneps, I got a second opinion today and it seems like the riddler and vent x rami basil are too small to separate safely from the mama plant, but remind me maybe a month or so down the line and I'm sure we can work something out for the "riddler" basal.

Anyone with more offers let me know! Thanks Y'all!
Sounds good! Best of luck!