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Hi,, I got bored today, having to stay at home with a bad cold for a few days,,I entertained myself by working with the plants and so I did some more photography. Hope you like the sterile plants:)

Pinguicula lusitanica

Nepenthes benstonei (on this medium doestn produce pitchers, they develop after deflasking)

Drosera brevifolia 'Parana'

Drosera alba

Drosera camporupestris

Drosera collinsiae

Drosera rotundifolia

Drosera villosa

Drosera burmannii

Drosera burmannii "Humpty-Doo"

Drosera planchonnii

Drosera felix 'Turuku' (this one olamost died on me, but after replating to a new medium they started to grow again)

Drosera kaieteurensis

Drosera trinervia

Drosera intermedia 'Gran Sabana'

Drosera marchantii/marchantii

Drosera falconeri freshly replated to a cytokinin medium,,will propagate soon

Drosera regia replated to a prop. medium

Drosera afra frenzy

Drosera graminifolia started to make ofshoots, but not many,,maybe she needs encouragement

Drosera spatulata/gympiensis

Drosera hirticalyx

Drosera ultramafica (needs more Mg and Fe,looks pale to me)
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bravo. bravo sir. you need to get bored more often.
glad to see everything is growing so well for you. im a big fan of the alba and SA dews.

and Nepenthes benstonei? you must have some serious hookups. congrats on successfully TCing them up!
Oh my gosh, all of that looks amazing. :hail:
I'm loving that jar of Pinguicula lusitanica, seriously, it's amazing. I still only have one little plant of it. It's not taking over as i had hoped!

Wow your a tc expert.Is the nepenethes from seeds?
Everything looks amazing! Coming along nicely.. the graminifolia and villosas are getting BIG!
Species I've never heard of and am now drooling over...thanks for sharing!
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You clearly have some skill at this! Kudos! Care to describe, for our edification, your techniques and materials? Thanks!
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Thankx for those comments!
@thelarge: Yes, the nepenthes is grown from seeds. Unlike drosera seeds, Nep seeds are quite easy to introduce in vitro.
@mass: yes the villosa and graminifolia are even faster than "weedy species", which surprised me a lot. Especially with graminifolia, which under normal conditions in substrate grows like one leaf in a month:) Here, they went from seed to 15cm plants after few months and one replating!
@Whimgrinder: my techniques are nothing extraordinary. I like keep things simple, using 20-50%MS, sometimes hormones, .5%NaOCl for sterilisation. Everything depends on what species you work on.
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Wow, you have D. ultramafica. What else are you hiding? Perhaps an undescribed taxon?

Very nice though! You are an inspration when it comes to Drosera!
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hi klasac, i just realized that i have a question for you:
how do you grow D. alba via TC and how do you transition it out of TC? doesnt their mandatory summer dormancy cause problems for you?
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@amphirion: in TC plants dont undergo dormancy periods they grow constantly until the medium is exhausted. When deflasked I give them about 1-2 weeks to acclimatize (>90% humidity, fluorescent light , no sun) and then just grow them like any other drosera depending on what the plant's needs are. For plants with dormancy, it is advised to deflask them when they normally grow (e.g. in the winter for summer dormant plants and vice versa).
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wow. that's some very interesting insight there klasac. thanks very much for answering!
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I don't know the first thing about tissue culture, but this has inspired me to learn about it. Those plants are AMAZING!
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I don't know the first thing about tissue culture, but this has inspired me to learn about it. Those plants are AMAZING!

Tissue culture is just a means of growing and possibly multiplying plants in sterile conditions mainly for cloning.. However becasue you need to keep all bacteria and fungi out, yit is very difficult, especially in the beginning. I would recommend getting very good at propagation ia cuttings and pullings first..