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  1. sarracenia_X

    i'm lookin' for a butterwort

    I'm looking to add a new plant to my little collection... why not a mexican butterwort? specifically, i would LOVE a Pinguicula laueana, but really, something like P. moctezumae or P. moranensis i would gladly accept. things i have to trade are: Drosera filiformis D. capensis Maxillaria...
  2. L

    Growlist of Lutz

    Once I was in a store and there was a corner in which some really strange plants were standing. They shall eat meat or something like that and they are probably dangerous. No risc no fun. I took one of the glistening with the sticky leaves. About 10 years later ...... Cephalotus Cephalotus...
  3. ace209

    Help I.D. succulent

    I need help identifying/confirming I.D. of this plant. It will be the first two pictures. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/95833406@N05/ I believe its a potulacaria afra can anybody confirm this. Any input is appreciated Thanks Abel A. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/95833406@N05/8882345639/...
  4. C

    Carnivorous plants near Nieuwoudtville

    Hi, after having a great day around the Gifberg we traveled back South to Tulbagh. On this way we wanted to take the opportunity to take a look on a location close to Nieuwoudtville we discovered in 2009. The day was almost as nice as the day before on Gifberg! So, we were full of hope to...
  5. C

    Drosera from Gifberg - South Africa

    Hello, our next stop to look out for carnivorous plants was the Gifberg in the north of Clanwilliam. We drove there from Nieuwoudtville where we were staying during these days. There are some spectacular views from the Van Rhyn's Pass! The first carnivorous plants we found there were...
  6. C

    carnivorous plants in the Cedar Mountains

    Hello, after we stayed for one night in Clanwilliam we wanted to go further north to Niewoudtville. On this way wanted to visit a location in the Cedar Mountains, where we have been in 2009 to see how the Roridula dentata are doing there. For me, the Cedar Mountains are amongst the most...
  7. klasac

    Tissue culture updated pics

    Here I would like to share with you pics of TC jars drosera graniticola drosera zigzagia seedlings drosera ultramafica drosera villosa (real) drosera hirticalyx drosera camporupestris drosera graminifolia 'spiralis' drosera kaieteurensis drosera alba drosera glabrata...
  8. klasac

    Update on TC jars

    Hi,, I got bored today, having to stay at home with a bad cold for a few days,,I entertained myself by working with the plants and so I did some more photography. Hope you like the sterile plants:) Pinguicula lusitanica Nepenthes benstonei (on this medium doestn produce pitchers, they develop...
  9. klasac

    TC update (some new species introduced)

    Hi everyone! I took pictures of some drosera jars today: drosera anglica 'Hawaii' drosera glanduligera drosera falconeri (crowded jar) drosera hilaris (turned out to be very weedy species when correct medium is used) drosera afra drosera rotundifolia drosera spatulata var. lovellae...
  10. klasac

    new pics of some jars of tissue cultures:-)

    Hi there! I have some new pictures from my minilab I would like to share with you. I hope you like them:-) Pinguicula lusitanica setting flowers Pinguicula grandiflora seedlings Drosera burmannii 'Humpty Doo' with new flower stalk Drosera affinis (finally rooting:-) Drosera falconeri...
  11. klasac

    February pictures

    Hi! It has been some time since I posted pictures here, so I uploaded fresh photos of few plants of mine. February is the shortest month, but the longest and hardest for me, since I wait for the spring so impatiently. :-) Plants like these help me get through it:-) (Some are new species to my...
  12. klasac

    Update on my TC gelrite jars

    Here I report what has happened in my test jars filled with gelrite-gelled media and some species, apx. 1 month growth on such medium: First, here is my control jar of weedy d.capensis. The proliferative growth shows that the composition of the medium should be fine for common drosera...
  13. klasac

    my latest TC developmoents (gelrite vs. agar)

    Hello! I would like to share some info and pics of my new TC jars. I have had issues with food store grade agar last fall and because several batches shifted the pH of the media several points up, I have lost some cultures. That was the last straw for me and I decided to upgrade my TC work to...
  14. C

    Drosera afra in South Africa

    Hi, here are four pictures of plants, that we found in the Cedar Mountains. We first thought, they are Drosera trinervia. Only back in germany they were identified as Drosera afra by Andreas Fleischmann. Drosera afra differs from Drosera trinervia by not having too well developed nerves on the...
  15. C

    Paul's growlist

    These are succulent and passionflowers that I have to trade Adenia keramanthus Adenium obesum Adenium hybrid (white blooms) Adromiscus several un-named-cutting Agave victoria-reginae- Agave americana Agave americana varigated Agave attenuata Agave augustifolia marginata Agave calmiane ferox...
  16. T

    Drosera whatchamacallit

    I have been around and around with this plant, received as D. natalensis which ID was confirmed by Robert Gibson. It seems very atypical to me if it is D. natalensis (there is only so much to see in a photo without a flower&#33. Recent photos of Debbert's new species novae D. afra are...
  17. U

    New Drosera species from S.A.

    Hi, just wanted to let you all know that pics of some of the 6 new species from South Africa are available on the G.P.F Forum. Go to G.P.F Forum and look for: D. afra, D. coccipetala, D. longiscapa and D. liniflora. I really liked the picture of D. coccipetala, a very unusual flower.