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I always wanted some tubers and thought one day I would get around to it but as luck would have it I got some through a giveaway. I am in the process of setting up a winter terrarium for all my african sundews.....can I grow these things in there with them?

how picky are they about temperature? I expect the terrarium to be about 75-80 day and 65-70 night approximately or will these temps send them back into dormancy? If i recall these things like highland temps; is that correct?

far as humidity was shooting for 60-70%.

I took advantage of an opportunity but not sure if I have the right preparations.
I keep mine much cooler. They max out at 65-70 on the absolute warmest days. Nights drop into the 40's. They also only get 8 - 10 hours of light per day. D.peltata is however the most forgiving of all the tuberous sundews. I'm sure some people keep them warmer but I myself have no experience keeping them them in any other conditions than the ones mentioned.
ugh.......might have to part with them until I can get the right conditions. :(
Tuberous sundews can be tricky to get to do well sometimes and are not for the beginner. People usually kill them because of their dormancy demands..
Mine just broke dormancy in consistent 90F day temps and 70F night temps... I thought I killed them but apparently not
eh, i may keep 1 then but i do not anticipate success. can these things be stored for long periods of time?
eh, i may keep 1 then but i do not anticipate success. can these things be stored for long periods of time?

You should give them a go you might be surprised, peltata and auriculata are the most forgiving as already said some even become weeds in peoples collections. They are able to coppe with damp soil all year round I would say that peltata is a beginners tuberous.
maybe ill keep 2 and give it a go.....as long as they can tolerate not-so-cold conditions then I guess they may survive.

edit: maybe 5 jic they can adapt to the warmer temps :)
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