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I'm looking for these 4 species -- Drosera barbigera, D. gibsonii, D. silvicola, and D. stelliflora.

Can trade for gemmae of following species:

x badgerupii
occidentalis ssp. australis
pulchella x ericksoniae
pygmaea Eastern States, Australia
scorpioides pink flower

or many species of CP seed.

LOL! I would love to have those as well! However, I have gemmae of: D. paleacea, ssp. trichocaulis. Would that be worthy of a trade?
Are those the only gemmae that you're looking for? If not, I see three that I might be interested in and in return I could give you three other species that you might like. Let me know if interested and I can tell you what I have in my collection.
No, but it helps. I'll PM you.