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That's right. Your top 10 favorites. Period. Species, hybrids, cultivars, varieties, regardless if you possess them or not. Info on why (or not). I'm not much of a rule creator or follower.


1) Drosera gigantea
2) Drosera lanata
3) Drosera regia
4) Drosera filiformis/tracyi/"Florida Red"
5) Drosera macrantha
6) Drosera admirabilis
7) Drosera capensis
8) Drosera aliciae
9) Drosera scorpioides
10) Drosera burmannii

and runner-ups Drosera intermedia and D. adelae
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I doubt these are in any particular order, but:

1. D. regia
2. D. villosa
3. D. erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa
4. D. binata multifida extrema
5. D. cistiflora
6. D. capensis (yes, this species is cool)
7. D. affinis x spatulata
8. D. sp. Lantau Island x capensis
9. D. filiformis complex
10. D. linearis
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1.) D. platypoda
2.) D. meristocaulis
3.) D. camporupestris
4.) D. alba
5.) D. purpurascens
6.) D. erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa
7.) D. chrysolepis
8.) D. cistiflora
9.) D. spiralis
10.) D. binata multifida extrema
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Not in any real order after the first two.

1.) D. camporupestris
2.) D. rupicola
3.) D. zonaria
4.) D. kaieteurensis
5.) D. cistiflora
6.) D. neocaledonica
7.) D. darwiniensis
8.) D. silvicola
9.) D. ascendens (and D. latifolia)
10.) D. linearis
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1) Drosera paradoxa
2) Drosera lanata
3) Drosera regia
4) Drosera ordensis
5) Drosera falconeri
6) Drosera capensis
7) Drosera pulchella
8) Drosera aliciae
9) Drosera scorpioides
10) Drosera burmannii
I've been looking at this thread and considering. I am getting that my response will be whatever species I am growing at this time and really enjoying. So be it. Not in order:

1. Drosera graomogolensis
2. D. paradoxa
3. D. regia
4. D. slackii
5. D. ultramafica x spatulata
6. D. murfetii
7. D. falconeri
8. D. lanata
9. D. prolifera
10. D. aliciae

Subject to change :)
I only have a few so far:

D. adalea
D. spatulata
D. scorpioides
D. filiformis
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1. Drosera regia
2. Drosera katangensis
3. Drosera gigantea
4. Drosera affinis
5. Drosera madagascariensis
6. Drosera elongata
7. Drosera longiscapa
8. Drosera ramentacea
9. Drosera cistiflora
10. Drosera ericgreenii

not in order
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If I had the resources to create and maintain an environment, with all the attributes I might so choose, I'd grow as many of them as I could.

But if I could only grow, ten. Of those I've already had the pleasure to grow, I'd pick, these;

1) Drosera regia 'Big Easy'
2) Drosera schizandra
3) Drosera capensis
4) Drosera admirabilis
5) Drosera nidiformis
6) Drosera madagascariensis
7) Drosera falconeri
9) Drosera filiformis (Florida red)
10) Drosera filiformis var. tracyi

Not necessarily in the above order.
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