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This weekends project (Sundew Benches)

Thought I'd share what I made this weekend.....My area where I grow my sundews and butterworts was getting kind of messy and pots would easily fall over, so I decided to make a bench to hold them all.

This is the "before" area. Yup, messy!

Here is all the pieces being cut and laid out.
I lucked out with buying materials since most of it I found for free. I had a pallet made out of really nice wood so I took that appart, even saved the nails, and reused it to make the bench. Only thing I had to buy were the tubs and four 2x4s.

Final bench put together

Here it is being painted. And another good deal, bought a can of paint for $2 from the reject pile at Home Depot.

Setting it up in its final home. (The top middle is going to be a working table instead of a tub, just haven't figured out how I'm going to attach it yet.

And the bench with all the plants in their new home. Top left is my sundews, top right is the butterworts, bottom left is the Utricularias, middle is some capensis I'm trying to proigate, and bottom right is just miscellaneous stuff.

Tada! All finished. Ahhh so much nicer! :-D
Great work Michelle, looks 10X better!
That looks awesome! Great DIY :)
What a great set-up! Where did you find the trays? Anywhere special or can I find those at the big box stores? They must be pretty rugged by the look of 'em. Looks like mounting lights will be a snap with this design too. I'm gonna try this next spring if I can figure out how to make smaller portable sized units that can be moved around tight corners.
Very nice!
Thanks :)

Shortbus: You can find them at your typical big box store. They're used to mix cement in, so you can find them in the cement/masonry area. They used to only be about $5 a peice, but have since risen in the last year. You may luck out though since you're in Iowa. Typically stuff like this is cheaper where you live than in Hawaii.
i use one of those trays as my media mixing tub. easy to work with really sturdy
Yeah I really LOVE these trays. For the price, you can't beat it.
I also use them for a bunch of different things too, not just for this. I use them for my aquaponics, making bogs, mixing my potting media, and growing vegetables like a planter. I never regret buying them because I always use them for one thing or another.
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awesome! I'll take 2 please...
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wowee , very nice change. yes those would make great mini or ex large mini bogs .
nice work too thanks for sharing ,.
i always wondered how hard it would be to do kind of the same thing , but with each tub being slightly lower then you could
run a pump and keep the water circulating just need a catch tub , a smalish pump some tubing , and you could have a realy cool water fall all around the grow area , deck etc. .
my mind keeps working on this idea maybe i need to get to work. LOL
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upwhiz: That would be an awesome set up if you made it! Love the idea....
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Very nicely done!
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I'm feeling inspired now!!
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Oh no! Another cool looking project for me to start and never finish. I've got the concrete mixing tubs, about half of the lumber, the idea, some cool pictures to go by, I'm retired so there's lots of free time - why don't I ever finish?? This is surely more than a weekend project for me :>}

Seriously it looks awesome and well planned out - good work
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what a difference ,great job,tidy