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The start of Chibae's sarracenia thread


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Okay folks, picture time in the bogs.

My fav rubras, chilling out and producing loads of blooms this year



leuco hurricane creek from Kula, batch one, all white


leuco hurricane creek from Kula, batch two..Love that red fringe

Top view of a flava v. ornata

Dixe lace, I'm not a big hybrid fan but I love this one. I won it in last years auction, donated by Lois


niiicccce love the dixie lace. i also love love bug and doodle bug, similar crosses. ???i think
awesome plants chi!

good to see ya out and taking some pics hon! :)

moar! hehehehe
wow they look great chib!! :)
Loving those rubras, hurricane creek...oh heck, all of them! Beautiful plants.
Lets continue with some flava v flava


Beautiful :)
Are you growing in pots?
Nice :). Thanks for sharing.

Where on the Mid-Atlantic Coast are you?
Great loking plants and photography!
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I live in maryland, along the western shore. I grow in two half whiskey barrels and a selection of smaller pots. Someday i will fill in the hottub for a larger bog.