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The Flu

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Anyone else catch this awful virus? I've been down for the count since Sunday and my husband just caught it from me yesterday. :(

Nope, not I, got my flu shot back in november.
I caught something in Spain that's left me unable to speak for 3 days.
Even if you got the shot this year, you can still catch the flu. Apparently this year it's mutating and rendering some shots moot. :/
It does that every year it seems.
There are advantages to being a hermit......
I hope y'all feel better soon, take good care of yourselves.
Ugh...... I hope you feel better by Saturday. And you guys better not give it to me ! Seriously, feel better Nancy.
I think I should be on the mend in time for Saturday.

Thanks. I think tamiflu is magic, since I'm feeling much improved (but still sick) when compared to sun and mon. The prednisone is probably helping, along with the Advil, day and NyQuil, and the vitamins. I'm a walking OTC/Script pharmacy right now.
I feel you.. unfortunately. Had to leave work early today because of this lingering virus. Had it last week and assumed it would be gone.. nope. Lots of thai food, garlic, peppers, emergenC, etc.
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WHatever I have is causing enough mucous buildup in my throat that I can't swallow solid food.
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Even if you got the shot this year, you can still catch the flu. Apparently this year it's mutating and rendering some shots moot. :/

Flu shots are generally a crap-shoot anyway. Manufacturers make an educated guess of one, among a handful of strains likely to hit. So, if there are five strains, you have a twenty percent chance of avoiding it.

And, yes, I have coughing my lungs out . . .
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i think i got the flu... it manifested by dropping my voice a few decibels, other than that, i think i was done with it by a week or so.
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my immune system is kicking serious butt so far :) I havent been ill with more than a scratchy throat for a long time.

i can only hoope this trend continues, I lose alot of income getting sick
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I'm going to try to head back to work on Thurs. I'll probably work from home for the day just in case I'm still contagious. I can already see how far behind I am and it's scary!
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I'm going to continue being reclusive and washing my hands raw. I know people on both coasts sick as a dog; hopefully it passes by end of March.
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hasn't started yet here. but working at the university will help me get soon.....
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lost a friend doc sent her home with two antibiotics , and a high fever it kept rising it got up to 104, and they went in her room a little later to find her gone from this life. it is supposed very rough had several family members with it , and they said they had headaches like they have never had in their lives.
do take care and shake no hands no matter what , and what ever you do,dont lick your finger to get at one of those thin plastic bags in the produce section of the market, i see people do this all the time.yikes
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Oh no Jimmy. That is terrible, I am sorry to hear about your friend.

My boyfriend is a paramedic so I think I might avoid him for a while...he is probably going to get it at some point. My friend got it though. She had the shot too.
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I'm sorry for your loss, Jimmy. :(

They should not have sent her home with a high fever. And antibiotics don't help the flu.
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It rolled through here. I'm still sick, Joe has been sick. My other three kids got it as well. My wife is the only one who escaped it. It's been a rough one this year.