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tank and test tube solar babies: Heliamphora updates

I'm trying to step into the early oughts and see if I can profitably use Flickr. [edit: sigh, not really. The links work at least.]Here is some happiness from my garden and lab:

H. purpurascens

H. parva

The super loveable H. ciliata

sp Akopan

Lots of new hybrids sprouting in vitro. Tim Krug crossed nutans x pulchella and the reverse, as well as the potentially cool backcross [glabra x nutans] x xTequila. My big tatei Cerro Duida flowered and I've got a lot of tatei x [elongata x ionasii] and the reverse sprouts in vitro. Hopefully I can get the red from one and the size from the other in some of these babies.Here's some of the nutans x pulchella seedlings:
you just need to use the img code
(take out spaces when actually using it)... When you get to the size of image you want(i usually use "large"), right click on the photo you want and copy the image URL.. then paste in the IMG code...

And on topic, those helis are gorgeous.. I must of missed out on the Solar tube thing?
well, copying the address from the address bar and putting that in img tags doesn't work; it was the first approach I tried after realizing that just right clicking the image doesn't allow you to copy the actual image's url. I suspect 31drew31's advice will do the trick, but I'm annoyed that flickr feels the need to block a universal (at least for those with two mouse buttons) feature and instead force me to a pointless menu. Even worse, I can't copy just a subset of the "bbcode", I have to take all of it. no thanks flickr, you're fired. Brie--no solar tubes, I was just calling the plants solar babies because i felt like it. Some live in test tubes. I wish I had those fancy solar tubes though.
You can copy the whole BBCode and then edit it. But that's a REAL pain if you are using a "smart" phone.
you're absolutely right. I could send it to a buddy with smokesignals and wait for her to semaphore the useful part back. But that would be crazy. We already have a universal and well known way to get the url of an image. Double breaking that function is not a tech advance. This is the same madness as selling a newspaper in a proprietary ebook format so that it won't work on any android device. I did a test to see if flickr was a good service for me. it ain't. that's okay.
Just thinking aloud.
I'm sorry, I was not attacking you lil stinkpot. I had the exact same thought. And I became angry that I was thinking how i could open notepad, paste all this text they forced upon me (in a submenu!), cut out the good stuff...

I know you were making a helpful comment, I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. My point was that none of us should be trying to think of workarounds for the problems they created by needlessly breaking two things that work. I'm not attacking you, I'm just hating on flickr.
I agree. The ciliata is awesome. All of them are. Can't wait to see them grow up!
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nutans x pulchella <---- Its pulchella akopan ?
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It's OK. I probably read the angst into it when it wasn't there. I understand, I was equally peeved when Photobucket changed everything, and not for the better. It's clumsy and bulky now. But at least you get usable codes.
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Nicely done Mike, looks like you have the process mastered...
Sounds like lots of good hybrids in the works... anxious to see what you come up with :)

The genie is out of the bottle
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@ Maiden--wait, I was confused actually. There are two different batches of hybrid seedlings involving pulchella: nutans x pulchella Akopan, and pulchella Chimanta x nutans 'Giant'.

@Butch--not mastered unfortunately. But the progress curve has a satisfying slope. I was having fun with it so I encouraged Tim Krug to start hybridizing his plants, and he was kind enough to give me some of his seeds to multiply. I'd like to see the next x Tequila bred by an American, and with sterile cultures it will be easier to spread nice crosses worldwide.Actually my collina is going to bloom soon, does anyone have any pollen?
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Ok thanks :) you have nice seedlings, congrats !
If you have a pulchella Chimanta seedling to sell, drop me a PM !
I will try to grow them at perfection :-D