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Taking the plunge - My first Cephalotus

I'm so excited! After many long hours of researching and debating, I've finally taken the plunge and ordered my first ceph online. It should get here tomorrow or the next day :-D

Anyway, I thought I'd share my setup so far to see what you guys think. I welcome any advice seems how it will be easier to fix now before it gets here rather than after it's been potted....

Here's the pot, size is about 6"x6"x6". Its a ceramic pot that came with no holes, so I had to drill a bunch for good drainage (holes not shown in pic).

Here the pot filled with media. The media I'm using is mostly sand and perlite with some peat. Its nice and fluffy, not likely to get water logged. Once the plant comes it'll have more of a mound of soil on top.

I'm using the wick method for watering. In two of the holes I have a nylon cord that wicks the water up. I've been testing it over the past day or so and seems to be watering how I would like.

And finally, heres what the full set up looks like. Its in one of those big cement mixing trays raised out of the water by bricks. I figure the bigger the tray the less likely I would find myself accidently running out of water and the soil drying up.

I'll update again once it gets here :boogie:
Yay more plants! :lol: I really like the pot too, looks simple and modern. Are you going to grow it outdoors?
Drilling through fired ceramic is so much fun, isn't it?
Fish N Plants: Yup its growing outside along with my butterworts and sundews.

Wire Man: OMG yes! It took me two days!!! It was agonizing to say the least..... Never buying a cermic pot without holes again ;)
That's the point where I usually make my own and find a kiln I can use. Was it porcelain or stoneware?
I would really like to see the final effect :)
I'm not 100% sure if it was porcelain or stoneware. I'm leaning towards porcelain because when drilling it was white all the way through. ???
The sticker on it only said made in China, no other info given. Even the box it was in was a plain cardboard box with no writing.
My Cephalotus is finally here!! :boogie:
I'm so happy its still alive! It arrived four days later than expected and spent a total of 9 days getting here :0o:
But, he's looking good and seems to have surrived the ordeal. Hopefully he'll settle into his new home quickly. Here's some pics....


Side angles

From Above

Close up

And a little bit of perspective

It's small, but it looks healthy. They look so innocent at this size.

It might have been white stoneware. Was the ceramic dust the same color as the glaze or slightly darker? Porcelain is pure white, with almost no chemical impurities. It's practically the closest you can get to kaolinite without having the actual stone. Can you tell I spent too much time in the ceramics studio while in college?
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Hmm must be white stoneware, the dust was a tad more grey, not pure white. I wish I had spent more time in the ceramics studio! I was always in the drawing and painting rooms instead.

I do have a question about the cephalotus. When does it make leaves? Is it based upon season or age?
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Looks great! Everytime I have received a Cephalotus in the mail it has died back completely but always comes right back. So if you start losing pitchers don't worry!

Leaves are generally produced in the winter months, but can be produced throughout the entire year.
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it is seasonal. Mine have started to make leaves. not sure if the trigger is lower temps or shorter days....
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It'll look great in that pot. Good to see more people jump on the wick watering bandwaggon :) You should keep an eye on the moisture over time, as on rare occasion the mechanism can slow or stop working (very rarely), but overall it has been a very relyable method for me and I wouldn't do it any other way ;) Healthy looking little plant
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Mine made a huge number of leaves during spring and seems to be pitchering heavily at the moment (summer). But, late winter happened to coincide with it getting mostly eaten by a blackbird so.... dunno.
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Nice looking ceph and set up.

As for drilling ceramic get a tile bit. Goes through like butter. What I use on my ceramic pots.
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31drew31: I think even knowing it'll come back itll stilll freak me out if it does that!

Mach, do you grow your cephs indoors or out?

richjam1986: Thanks for the heads up! I'm really glad I went with the wick method. Over the last weeks I haven't had to do anything as far as watering and its kept a really consistant moisture level in the media. I love it! I think I'll be less likely to kill it this way. I've used wick water systems in the past for my regular garden that I made out of buckets. Its the best thing ever! I have one that I haven't touched in a year except for filling it two or three times and it just keeps growing.

elgecko: I asked around to see if anyone had a ceramic drill bit. My dad said he had a diamond tipped one but he coudn't find it. He said this one that I used is meant for tile, but I really have my doubts! It took way too long. But it was the best I coud get without going out and purchasing one. And I learned the virtue of patience hahaha ok, yeah next time I think I'll just spend the money!
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Outside. Was high 40s in pre dawn hours
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Brrrrrrrrr! It always throws me off when I walk outside of a building and its colder than the inside.
You've probably got really good coniditions to grow cephs where you are. How long have you had yours? Any tips for me on keeping this guy happy?
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I love them, not plant but sand. Sand looks like diamond. LOL.
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Do you think I should take a cutting incase the plant dies? I'm hesitant because its still adjusting to its new home and its so small. There also isn't any leaves, there's only the pitchers which I read are sometimes harder to propagate than the leaves.

Anybody have experience in this?

Here's a picture of it this morning. All the lids have shut.
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