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Suggestions: What new Neps should I buy? XD

Well, the title pretty much says it all. I'm asking all of you guys here at TerraForums about what Neps I should try to get, now that I have some money!

And it's a great time to buy new Neps - summer is over, I can provide both HL and LL conditions until next summer, and it will give the plants plenty of time to settle in.

So, I'm considering these...

N. flava from Wistuba...unknown clone...suggestions?
N. burbidgeae, another one, either SG'd with an 8-12" leafspan, or a 3" TC clone from Pig Hill...
N. spectabilis N. Sumatra clone 1
N. sibuyanensis x hamata
N. tentaculata
N. hamata - which Wistuba clone is best?

Plus, If there are any plants that you all find awesome and not too difficult that are currently on the Wistuba and EP pricelists, please let me know! I am open to any suggestions - and advice on the plants that I listed.


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I think N. burbidgeae is a good choice.

P.S. remove the store name...
I would get the N. sibuyanensis x hamata IMO.
Ant, Wistuba and EP are overseas; It is okay to list them, I've read. :)
oh, then never mind. :blush:
N. hamata (the true species) was always my favorite Nepenthes when i had a house full of them. Have you got a regular N. hamata? Mine grew very quickly for a highland species.
I was considering a hamata, but being so expensive, I thought I might want to wait until cuttings were ever put up for trade - I really like the uppers!

But tentaculata, being cheaper, may be better to start with. I forgot to put it on my list - I'll do that now...

Anyway, hearing it is a fast grower is encouraging. I'm definitely going to consider it.

Any suggestions on which Wistuba clone is the best? Oh, and squat, colorful pitchers make an awesome hamata! :)
definantly NOT sib x ham, if you want the ham traits. Theirs a big discussion about the true genes and most evidnece presented seem to point it is sib x talang or 'Lady Pauline'. Just a heads up.

Flava (if its anything like jacquelineae in growing conditions) is super easy, fast, and vigorous, and i would vote for that or hamata. Seed grown plants are always good though! :D
I own a N. sibuyanensis x hamata, but some people are doubting that's it's really that hybrid the one I have is nice cute pitchers I guess we'll see as it grows what hybrid it is hopefully someone can confirm which so I can mark it correctly...

Like Obregon562 said this hybrid might be either N.sib x talang or 'Lady Pauline' I'm hoping for N.sibuyanensis x talangensis from the pictures i've seen of N.Talangensis and my pitcher is sorta seems be shaped like it.

Here's a link to my thread with pictures of it right now it's opening it's second leaf and so far no pitchers I hope once I get my grow shelf set up that'll change..
bluebird's N.Sibuyanensis X N.Hamata
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Tentaculata and Hamata are both very vigorous growers so far as i can tell and have seen from friends experiances....my Wistuba clone 3 is rebounding finally, and my little seedgrown is growing nicely!!! My tentac is doing well too
Burbidgeae is beautiful, by far one of my favorite neps. Spectabilis is also nice.
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Thanks for the input, guys!

@Bluebird and Frankie: yes, I've seen some of the discussions on the Sib x hamata, and I agree: based on the leaf structure, it appears that the hybrid was mislabelled. They still look pretty cool, though! And yes, I'm always on the lookout for SG'd plants!

@SK: Glad to hear these plants do well for you, and others - that's my main concern, that they can do well for practically any Nep grower!
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Out of what you listed, I'd go for hamata, myself.

Since you said you are open to suggestions regarding what's on their pricelists - well I really like EP's ventricosa x trusmadiensis (b). Not the (a), but the (b). It is one of my single most wanted neps right now, but it's pricey!

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Wow, that's a very nice Nep! $100 is a little pricey, though...I'm wondering how large their sizes are for "small," "large," and "rooted cutting." The (a) clone isn't bad either.
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Anyone have any input on the difficulty and growth requirements for the Wistuba N. flava clones?