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That N. Pompey is beautiful. How large is your plant overall? I'd love to get one but it seems like its impossible to get the Hawaiian hybrids anywhere.
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Thanks Grey Moss! Overall, the plant is only about 6-7 inches across. I actually picked it up in Hawaii on a visit. You should check that place out some time if you get the chance.
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your N. vogeliiis looking great! and N. hamata is doing great. They're so fun once they settle in, and can be super fast growers. I think Mine can put out 2-3 pitchers in the time it takes some of my other plants to barely finish one.
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Thanks Flip_Side_the_Pint! Hamata is indeed one of my fastest growers. It's just started pitchering after a long thrips battle. It's got a new pitcher but I was waiting for it to color up before shooting it. Does your hamata open very early during development? When mine opens, the peristome is totally green for a few days before it starts to color up. The pitchers also grows about 30-40% larger after they first pop. I really enjoy watching them develop!