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I still have a lot of Sarracenia that I need to find a home for!!! I am looking for Sarracenia and VFTs. Just send me offers of species, hybrids it doesn't matter! Looking for nice examples of Flava, Purp, Rosea, and Leucos and of course hybrids and cultivars! I really need to give these homes because the weather is warming up here. All offers considered so pm me. Here's the list:

Willisii Red Form - sm/med., med.

Boob Tube - sm.

Leuco x (Alata x Oreo) - sm/med., med.

Oreo x O.P. - sm/med.

Readii #2 Sunbelle Exotics - sm/med., med., lrg.

Roccoco - sm/med., med.

Mitchelliana - sm/med.

Mitch x Royal Ruby - sm/med.

Mitch x Royal Ruby "Veins" - sm.

June Bug - sm/med.

Fuschia MBRS - sm/med.

ABG Hybrid - sm/med., med/lrg.

Leuco Franklin Co B Sunbelle Exotics - med.

Excellens (Leuco Red x Minor Okee) - sm., sm/med.

Mad Green Thing - sm/med., med.

Rubra Gulfensis Dark - sm/med., med.

Rubra Jonesii Antho Free x Minor Okee - sm.

Oreo Sand Mtn. x Flava - sm.

Formosa x Minor from John Hummer - sm., sm/med., med

Alata Maroon Throat - sm/med.

Leuco Garcon Point G Sunbelle Exotics - med.

Decora - sm.

Catesbaei Red - sm/med., med.

Moorei #2 Sunbelle Exotics - med., lrg.

Moorei Red - sm., sm/med.

Flava Atropurpurea x O.P. - sm/med.

Bug Bat - med/lrg.

Psitt x Minor Okee - sm/med., med.

Moorei - sm/med.

Plum MBRS - sm. $10, sm/med., med., med/lrg.

Flava Pocahontas MBRS - sm/med., med.

Rubra Gulfensis x Alata Washington Co., AL - med.

Scarlette Belle - sm., med.

Alata x Rubra Wherryi - med/lrg.

Moorei Santa Rosa Co., FL - lrg.

Georgia Peach - sm/med.

Areolata Ruby Throat # 14 - sm., sm/med., med., med/lrg.

Flava Coppertop, my best clone! Med. , med/lrg.

Wilkerson's Red x O.P. - sm/med.. med., med/lrg.

Flava Cinnamon Tube Botanique - sm/med., med., lrg.

Willisii x Areolata - sm., sm/med., med.

Leuco x Umlauftiana - sm/med., med.

(Rubra x Oreo) x Rosea - sm/med., med., med/lrg.

Moorei Sarracenia Nurseries Clone from the UK - sm/med., med.

Catesbaei Phil Faulisi Clone - sm/med.

Mitchelliana Garcon Point, FL - med/lrg.

Readii x Royal Ruby - med.

Cleopatra's Demise Sunbelle Exotics - med.

Lynda Butt UK clone - med.

Skywatcher - sm.

Catesbaei x Alata Black Throat - lrg.

Oreo x Royal Ruby - sm., sm/med., med.

Flies Demise x Wilkerson's Red - sm/med., med., lrg.

Chelsonii Sunbelle Exotics - sm., sm/med., med.

Victoria Morley from the UK - sm.

Catesbaei "Flying Nun" - med/lrg.
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Dang, anything I have to trade you already have and it is on your list, :lol:
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wish I had something to trade I'm starting a sarr collection
Updated Growist!
Still looking for offers!!!!
check your email
Hey bucky, I've got a hybrid that i created between alata and purp venosa. I can send you pics in a pm if you want? I just pulled them out of the fridge from their first dormancy. Hopefully, they'll break dormancy soon. Not sure if you would be interested but I am really interested in the carolina cooler, georgia peach, and lynda butt, and flava cinnamon tube.
Updated! Still have lots left!!