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Stapelia gigantea cuttings (afrodisa $8)

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Aug 27, 2011
Up for auction are my poor, abused S. gigantea cuttings. I've had them sitting in my basement for months, exposed to cold temperatures, not watered, not potted. I'm surprised the dang things are still alive and green! Some of them have started pushing out roots and new growth, so with some TLC you can make nice plants out of these. These things are very hardy in my experience, and though these cuttings will feel a bit thin, as soon as they're potted up and have some functional roots they should swell up again and flower within a year or two (if not sooner). The flowers of this species are large and fuzzy, and they smell mildly of something fishy during most of the day (but certainly not overpowering). Make sure to pot these in a well draining substrate, as stapeliads are prone to rotting if left too wet.
I can either do multiple small cuttings or one larger cutting, the winner can PM me for which they prefer. Shipping will be done in a small, flat rate box to make it easy, so it should be no more than $6 (winner pay shipping, and US only please). Bidding shall start at $2.

This is the whole lot, but only whatever fits in a small box will be part of the sale. I'll try to pick out the healthiest ones based on the winner's preference.
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