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PAID (Gadz $20) Cuttings from my mom's plants: Agapetes, Sinningia, Crassula 'Red Pagoda', Tinantia pringlei

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Starting bid $5, Winner bid pays shipping, $12.50 or perhaps a little less close to California. US only, of course.

This probably sounds a little backwards. Cuttings from my mom's plants on Mother's Day? The plants should go the other direction. And hopefully they will.

The cuttings I show below will get split. I'll try to emphasize this repeatedly. Half of each plant's cuttings will go to the auction winner. The other half will go to whomever can provide a plant for my mom, hopefully Drosera aliciae or as a second possibility, Pinguicula "Tina'. And possibly other Pinguiculas. She used to own D. aliciae, and Alice is her name. She used to have a thriving P. 'Tina' and is now intrigued by Pinguicula rocks.

I'll start a trade post in the appropriate place.

So splitting the plants in each photo is much easier that taking twice the number of photos, and somehow keeping everything straight.

The plants:

Agapetes serpens
Sinningia tubiflora
Crassula 'Red Pagoda'
Tinantia pringlei
Homalocladium platycladon
Fuchsia procumbens

I have pictures of a few mature plants...

Agapetes serpens

Mom's Agapetes serpens .jpg

Crassula 'Red Pagoda'. Certain times of the year, it has lots of red coloration, but not when this picture was taken...

Crassula 'Red Pagoda' .jpg

Homalocladium platycladon. Instead of a mature plant, here's how I once propagated it from single node cuttings laid on top of soil. Arrows point to plantlets:

thumbnail_homalocladium march12.jpg

Streptocarpella, a solitary blurry flower. it can actually bloom pretty heavily, two inflorescences from each node. It's an indoor or outdoor plant here. Closely related to Streptocarpus and African violets (all are now assigned to the same genus).

Streptocarpus .jpg

Fuchsia procumbens. Odd and beautiful. It has blue pollen!

Fuchsia procumbens .jpg

And the actual cuttings. Again, the auction winner gets HALF of what's pictured in each case.

Agapetes serpens. The auction winner gets one of the two cuttings:

Agapetes serpens for TF auction.jpg

Sinningia tubiflora. The auction winner gets half the tubers. It looks like that's two:

Sinningia tubiflora for TF auction .jpg

Crassula 'Red Pagoda'. The auction winner gets half the cuttings, or two:

Crassula 'Red Pagoda' for TF auction .jpg

Tinantia pringlei (the second T. pringlei in these auctions...). The auction winner gets half, which looks like one cutting:

Tinantia pringlei for TF auction .jpg

Homalocladium platycladon. The auction winner gets half the cutting. I thinks that's two:

Homalocladium platycladon for TF .jpg

Streptocarpella. The auction winner gets half the cuttings, or two.

Streptocarpella for TF auction.jpg

Fuchsia procumbens. The auction winner gets roughly half of what's in the bag. I'm not sure how many cuttings are in there:

It looks like I reached a limit, and will post that in a comment.

Cuttings will be kept in perlite or water, in the cases where it's necessary.
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I reached a file limit with that massive post. Here's a photo of Fuchsia procumbens. Again the auction winner gets about half of what's in the bag.

Fuchsia procumbens for TF.jpg

Some comments on the individual plants/cuttings.

Agapetes serpens: I would chop the cutting into more than one piece. As one reminder, look how many nodes it has... I find these moderately difficult. They are sometimes easy, although they have a tendency to root and then fail to establish. I would use a very loose medium for rooting: perlite or perlite/peat.

Sinningia tubiflora. I've heard every part of the plant can give rise to a new plant. It fills a pot with tubers. Some say it's hard to bloom. It can also be trained as a caudiciform, and there are many photos online.

Crassula 'Red Pagoda'. Every leaf can give rise to a new plant. These are fun to propagate.

Tinantia pringlei. I'm told this is surprisingly hardy. It's a beautiful little Tradescantia, but can be a bit weedy. It's probably best avoided in a greenhouse. Maybe a houseplant? I've never tried it. It should be easy to propagate.

Homalocladium platycladon. A very cool and odd plant. I usually find this easy to root, but people have been reporting difficulties. I would try a couple different ways. Maybe water and perlite? Or a few nodes on top of soil as shown above.

Streptocarpella: usually roots in water, but can be stubborn. This has gotten a reputation as a heavy blooming windowsill plant.

Fuchsia procumbens. I've never tried to root this. It's a creeping or cascading plant, which could be very cool in the right context.
This item is paid. Please arrange shipping.
Plants recieved 🙂