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Some higher altitude Sphagnum available

Hey everybody. Did a bit of mountain hiking over the last couple of weeks and was able to collect a few samples of some very compact-growing Sphagnum with some really beautiful green and red coloration. Also found a longer-stranded, all green type. All grew in big billowing carpets all over the higher, wetter sections of the mountains I was in (around 3,000-5,000 ft. elevation). PM me if interested. I am primarily interested in highland Nepenthes (seeds and seedlings also). Also have about a half-gallon of bog sphagnum with lots of spore pods ready to burst. I would like to have everything shipped out by Saturday since I am leaving again, so don't be shy!

Here are a few pics:


any additional info? is it temperate? will probably need a dormancy phase....
No, it's intemperate::beer:
I don't know actually, but judging from its natural habitat, I would say it probably does. Any ID input from resident Sphagnum gurus appreciated.
Thanks incspir, i wasnt trying to get you into trouble or anything, i just needed to know because there are growers like me that use live sphagnum moss in our neps and heli pots. problems would arise during the winter where the moss requires a dormancy but temps in the terra/greenhouse do not reach the temperatures that the moss needs to go dormant--so it dies, melts, giving opportunities for cyanobacteria, mosses, and liverworts to take over and breakdown the media, resulting in a repot. this wouldn't be a problem for people growing the moss with their sarracenia.

that stuff looks really pretty. :drool:
...wasnt trying to get you into trouble or anything...that stuff looks really pretty. :drool:
Oh, no worries, buddy--the "intemperate" thing was a sad attempt at an emoticon joke...
I'm glad more experienced growers like you bring these issues up. I wasn't aware that mosses needed dormancy.
I'm no moss expert, but I wouldn't say wild northern LFS "needs" a dormancy.
My plants are all covered with local Michigan LFS that grows just fine indoors year round. And has been for almost 4 years now..
Okay, if anybody still wants any of this, let me know. I've worked out a trade or two and still have a little left. All I ask is that you pay shipping, so you could call it a giveaway of sorts.
Leaving early tomorrow and want this GONE so it doesn't die while I am out.
Which types do you have left? I'd be interested.