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I love the unusual, and a couple of years ago I bought a group of strange hatchling Red Eared Sliders. They are now 2 years and 3 months old (and over 4 inches). They are natural deformities that I’ve raised up past the sensitive stage. Now they are available to you!

They require the same care as normal turtles, but are better suited for aquarium (or indoor pond) care. All feed vigorously on a varied diet.

I am not allowed to offer them for sale here, so I will not list any prices. Their trade value is based on their uniqueness. I have seen many odd turtles sell for outrageous costs but I’m keeping trade value in a reasonable range. These turtles are not offered for breeding purposes. I am not in a hurry to rehome them and finding a good home is more important than making a cool trade. But now the time has come . . .

Step Right Up and feast your eyes on the SIDESHOW TURTLES!

Croc-Bite looks like he had a few chunks bitten off of his sell. Fortunately for him, he was born that way. Notice his unusually long neck and the beautiful red dot on his head.

In the middle of his plastron, there is an area that is covered with skin instead of shell.

Origami looks as if he was folded in half!

His tail and most of his back legs are fully exposed. Notice the red tear drop on his head.

Named so, because of his odd looks and monstrous appetite, he was the largest for a while. Monstro has a domed carapace which makes him look bigger than he really is. His head (marked with a question mark) always faces right but he swims in a straight line.

The right bottom of his carapace curls upward and he has a curl in his tail.


Lefty has crazy split scutes on her shell. Notice the red line on the top of her head.

Her left arm is shorter than her right arm and cannot retract it into her shell. Her plastron is not fully formed and the area is covered with skin instead of shell.

Big Bertha
She is the largest of the group. She surpassed Monstro in size and she loves to eat! Her shell has a crazy arrangement of scutes that seem to be placed with no rhyme or reason. Photos are the only thing that can explain Big Bertha!


For trades, here is what I’m looking for:

Synsepalum dulcificum (miracle fruit)
Venus Fly Traps:
  • Jaws
  • FTS Towering Giant
  • Trigger Happy
  • Spider
  • Creeping Death
  • WIP Slim Snapper
  • Korean Melody Shark
  • Most GIANT Venus Fly Traps
  • Most ‘Short Tooth’ Venus Fly Traps

Reptile Stuff
Fake Skulls
Waterfalls for Terrarium use
Humidifiers (Ultrasonic Fogger, Reptirain, Reptifogger, Monsoon, etc.)
Exoterra or Zoomed terrariums (Nano or Mini)
Canned Insects (feeders)

Eye Morph Female Leopard Geckos ("pet quality" and deformities OK!)
Other unusual turtles
(no snakes please)

Horn worms
Butter worms
Praying mantids
Stick Insects eggs
Roach species
Beetles and larvae
Lasiodora Parahybana slings
Live butterfly/moth pupa

Invertebrate Supplies
Decayed hardwood (prepared for beetles)
Decayed hardwood leaves (prepared for beetles)
Acrylic cages (type used for tarantulas)

Aquarium Stuff
Fake Skulls
Seachem flourish excel
48" Fluorescent T8 Aquarium Light
75 gallon aquarium and stand (local only)
HoldFast Epoxy (any brand, used for reef aquariums)
Live aquatic plants (bucephalandra, anubias: stardust/variegated/marbled )

Ant Plant Books
Any by Orin McMonigle (Elytra and Antenna)

Other Stuff
Private Life of Plants, DVD Set

Serious inquires only, please do not discuss ethics on this thread, know your state laws regarding Red Eared Sliders, more photos available upon request, sexing is based on experience but not guaranteed, feel free to ask any questions. Please ask to see my flawless reviews on other forums. All responses and replies will be given in Private Message only. Thanks for looking and PM me now to get your Sideshow Turtles!