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Sarracenia seedlings to give away

I have an excess of four month old Sarracenia seedlings that are looking for homes. At this size they are easily transplanted since the root system is minimal, and they are not yet tangled with their neighbors.

I am offering these plants free to anyone who is willing to reimburse me the mailing cost (generally about six dollars), paid to my PayPal account. Each package will contain a minimum of 50 plants.

These are grown from open pollinated seeds from a variety of plants in a friend's collection. No pedigree data was kept, so these will be an unpredictable mix of types. Who knows, you may discover the next Leah Wilkerson in your seedlings!

First come, first serve, of course.

pm sent. thx for the opportunity
Offer now closed, unless I find I still have leftovers once the requests have been completed. Thanks.