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sarracenia psittacina (parrot pitcher) seeds

So I'm very new to the CP community and me being the silly noobie I am I bought seeds. The idea of trading has really got me excited though. I've only got about 10 seeds or so left but I would happily trade for something equalish. I'm new to this so don't consider anything not worth of suggesting. I am really looking for pitchers and nepenths though. You can pm or just reply to this thread :)

Thanks for anyone's interest
I can send you some seeds of D. natalensis. No need to trade, just send me a PM and SASE.
i pm'ed but due to dews hating my guts, i think ill give it another day or so to see if anyone else has anything
seeds sent hope you enjoy them they grow fast
your seeds are out as well. thanks again, and good luck with these guys! :)