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Sarracenia giveaway

I have some extra sarracenia that need a new home.......these were given to me a little over a year ago so I could get the experience of growing sarracenia without the loss of anything valuable. Far as I know they are NOIDS but the person that gave them to me said there are some good ones in there including a Leah Wilkerson. So it's kinda like a lottery I guess and if you grow them to adult size there is a good chance there are some nice cultivars in there.

I grew them through the first dormancy so they need one this year. The seedlings range from 1 to 7 inches and will not take long to be plants of enjoyable size......I have 11 of them up atm. Winner pays shipping $7 should cover usps priority anywhere to the continental US.

pick a number 1-100.

I will be giving away more of them as the year progresses. Enjoy!
I'll play the Sarracenia lottery!

Oh, cool! I'd love a shot as well.

49 it is. Thanks!
15 - thanks!
Thanks a lot-tery
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im not playing, im just curious: NOIDS?

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i cannot be in, im canadian, but its a very generous offer, thanks a lot ! :-D