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Same Ventrata, different growing environment, different result

This is def common knowledge but I want to share my joy because my friends don't care about Cps ^_^

Bought this Ventrata 2 months ago and it had two plants in one pot. So I divided them into two pots and placed them in two different environment.

The first one hangs under my roof near my front door. It was slow to produce anything but that changed in the last 15 days. I think it's acclimated and the pitchers are puffing up faster than before. Even one of the existing pitchers started producing nectar for the first time.


The second Ventrata sits under a rack of my other Carnivorous plants. Rather than hung, it sits on the lower rack closer to the ground. I am assuming this growing environment is cooler and more humid??? What's really cool is there seems to new growth emerging from the soil and producing very little pitchers. Over all this Ventrata pitcher grew much faster than the first one.


Thanks . Nice to Know!