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Reddish N. campy for trade with U. campby or extreme clone of D. multifida 'Extrema'

I have two cuttings of a shapely reddish clone of N. campanulata, for trade with U. campbelliana or extreme clone of D. multifida 'Extrema'. A small quantity of U. campbelliana will do, as long as the propagation material is viable and healthy. As for the D. multifida 'Extrema', I'm looking only for a proven extreme clone, meaning one that has been proven to produce 40 or more branches per leaf. Only a small amount will do as well, as long as it's vegetative propagation material from said proven clone. Since I have only two cuttings available for trade, I'm considering only these two top wishlist plants for now.

Here are the cuttings I'm offering. The one on the left has 10-cm leaf span with six leaves, while the one on the right is 15-cm in diameter with three leaves.


I can send the cutting now, or if preferred I can also root it first in a small plug of sphagnum, and send it in April or May with the plug intact. Since very warm weather is coming rather soon here in Taipei, it'll be great if I can receive the plants for exchange early so that they can establish while it's nice and cool now. But if that's not feasible I'm also willing to wait. :)

The N. campy clone for trade is male and has really shapely pitchers with very thin peristome. Here are some photos for reference.




If you're pondering this trade with someone in USA, please understand there are some significant challenges & costs to make this happen.
Wow... that a beautiful N. campanulata.
If you're pondering this trade with someone in USA, please understand there are some significant challenges & costs to make this happen.

Point taken, and thank you for your input!

Thanks to all who have expressed interest, but I'm considering trade with the two plants listed only (U. campby or D. multifida 'Extrema'). I have extremely limited space, so I'm sorry for coming across so picky. I've replied most of the offers, but my apologies to those few whom I still owe a pm reply.

Have neglected this thread for a long while so here's an update.

A month ago (2 months after the cuttings were taken), the two cuttings have rooted very well.

And they were transferred from water to sphagnum plugs.


That's a month ago...
After a month of further rooting in the sphagnum plug, the roots have now grown thru the moss and have a firm grip on the plug.


So yes the trade offer is still open for these two rooted cuttings, now quite established and ready to go.

Plant A has 10-cm leafspan. (Smaller plant but there are several nodes with dormant buds clustered near where the roots emerge, so expect mutilple basals to form in the future)

Plant B has 15-cm leafspan, it began "vining" when the cutting was taken so only one node near the roots.

Thanks for looking!
And here's some pics of the largest pitcher so far




The 1.75"-opening can now easily swallow our largest coin.

Thanks all!
It is a shame that you are outside USA as I would try to create some spare campby material if you were local (& legal).

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Yeah this stinks you're outside the US.
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Nice plants, though! Nepenthes is such a wondrous genus. Too bad most of its species are endangered. Actually, Nepenthes campanulata is considered Data Deficient and isn't ranked yet.
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Thank you guys.

Update: Plant B is taken (in exchange for U. campbelliana).
Plant A is still available for trade with extreme form of D. multifida 'Extrema'.

Thanks :)
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Offer closed. Many thanks! :)