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Rare sarracenia for trade


I need to trade my rarer sarrs because I will be moving soon and my new place doesn't have a roof to grow them. I will be keeping the big pot of common stuff at a friends house or somewhere else but I would rather trade out my rarer stuff to people who can appreciate them.
I am looking for tropical stuff like nepenthes, heliamphora, and drosera.
I have:
1 Large leah Wilkerson (2-3 growth tips)
1 clump of rosea (not 100% sure that it's rosea)
1 seed grown moorei hybrid
5 1 year old minor var okie
would love the leah wilkerson but don't think I have anything you would like to trade for
Ditto on what mickey said
Im expecting some nepenthes in the mail in 3-5 business days. def interested in the Leah then the okie and maybe the moorei. Not sure what im getting yet bc I got the bulk deal but I can tell you they are either pure lowlanders or lowlander/intermediate hybrid. Will most likely be rooted cuttings so they will not take long to get large.
Also interested in the okie but I also have nothing of interest!